New resource on Hizballah gives information not supplied by BBC

Last December we pointed out here that the BBC’s profile of Hizballah has not been updated since July 2010 and therefore includes no information about that terror organisation’s involvement in the Syrian civil war, the murder of Rafik Hariri, its terror attacks and activities in Europe or its involvement in drug trafficking, among other things.

Over six months on, nothing has changed with regard to that BBC profile, which is the first result anyone searching the internet for the words ‘BBC’ and ‘profile Hizballah’ (or any other spelling of the name) will get. 

With the European Union currently engaged in a protracted debate on the subject of the designation of Hizballah, that means that members of BBC audiences hoping to inform themselves with regard to the background of that discussion and to find up to date information about Hizballah will not be able to receive it via the organization which claims that its audiences “can expect the BBC to keep them in touch with what is going on in the world” and that it will “[e]nable individuals to participate in the global debate on significant international issues”.

For those readers who are looking for relevant and up to date information on the subject of Hizballah, the New Media desk of the IDF Spokesperson’s unit has recently launched a website dedicated to the subject. 

IDF Hizballah site

The website is available here and it will be updated with new information as that becomes available. Some of the items already available include a report on Hizballah’s drug trafficking and money laundering activities and an article on Hizballah’s media activities. 

5 comments on “New resource on Hizballah gives information not supplied by BBC

  1. ” about that terror organisation’s.. its terror attacks ”

    I am bemused that you use such descriptions as if you were talking to children maybe that is who normally reads this stuff . Hezbollah uses tactics of terror of course but this is not unusual for the area . It is a resistance group. To attempt to moralise by labelling it “terror” in a sea of civil war , religious hatred, civilian attacks and settlement building is really just silly. Thousands of civilians have recently died in the area ..that’s what I call “terror. “.

    You can condemn the violence of Hezbollah but good grief get it into perspective.

  2. Considering that many people rely on the BBC for information about the world they live in, believing the BBC to be a reliable source, the fact that the BBC lies by omission is a very real problem.

    The BBC is an opinion former for many and not just in the UK. Those opinions ought to be based on facts and the full story, not just the editorialised, unbalanced, subjective and frankly prejudiced views of BBC staffers.

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