More ME news the BBC elected to ignore

On the evening of Tuesday July 16th a man was stabbed several times in the chest and abdomen near Damascus Gate in Jerusalem in what the police said they suspect was a nationalistically motivated attack. 

On the evening of Thursday July 18th another man sustained injuries after rocks were thrown at his vehicle whilst he was travelling on Route 55 near Karnei Shomron. 

MDA tweet 18 7

Later the same evening air-raid sirens sounded in the Eshkol Regional Council area adjacent to the border with the Gaza Strip as two missiles were again fired at Israeli civilian targets. No injuries were reported. In addition, stone-throwing incidents took place near Damascus Gate in Jerusalem. Damascus Gate - שער שכם.jpg

On Friday, July 19th, three more wounded Syrians were transported into Israel to receive medical treatment.

Yet again, none of the above was deemed newsworthy by the BBC.

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9 comments on “More ME news the BBC elected to ignore

  1. You are clearly not aware that the BBC also ignores when IDF drag Palestinian children from their beds at night, terrify them, handcuff them, imprison them, force them to sign “confessions” in Hebrew; BBC also ignores when IDF use tear gas and rubber bullets on people peacefully protesting against the construction of the Wall on Palestinian territory; BBC also ignores when IDF bulldozers demolish Palestinian homes leaving the distraught family staring at the rubble of all their worldly goods.

    • Well said Elizabeth. It’s really rather amusing to see the trivia BBCWatch scrapes together as examples of major news stories ‘ignored’ by the BBC.

      Although it covers the bare facts of the Israel/Palestine conflict the BBC largely avoids any investigative reporting or opinion pieces in fear of the Israeli lobby, which is very active in the UK. When it does venture any initiative in this area the result is invariably pro-Israeli; witness the notoriously biased Jane Corbin TV programme on the Gaza flotilla killings.

      As another example of BBC craven genuflection to the lobby recall its refusal to broadcast a charity appeal for humanitarian relief in Gaza following Cast Lead.

    • By peacefull demonstration you forgot to mention that those peacefull demonstrators throw stones that break soldiers hands, legs and heads.

  2. I am glad you mentioned the DEC appeal, Sencar. Ever a late developer, it was only its dishonest obfuscation over its refusal to air it that opened my eyes to its pro-Zionist bias. Until then I thought the BBC, my employer for 20 years before I retired, was wonderful in every way.

  3. I can assure you that your BBC employer was “wonderful” at least sixty years ago that I am personally aware of. All those unfortunate outrages that Israel has played a role in, had they been committed by the Arabs, would have been bragged about with bloody and exaggerated glee. Israel is ashamed that it is forced to react as it must. As an American, I would urge Israel to be far bloodier so as to make the lessons clearer.

  4. There is perhaps a little truth in the accusation that some of the stories on BBC Watch are rather more parochial in interest – rather than trivial as Sencar above suggests. I am rather surprised however to read about the ‘Israel lobby’ pressure on, and the ‘Pro-Zionist leanings of, the Corporation. I am sure that Jeremy Bowen, Yolande Knell, Jim Muir etc would be more than a little amused to think that such bias was evident in their product.
    How anyone reading their pieces or listening to their reports can come to such a conclusion is quite amazing.
    All in the ear/eye of the beholder I guess!

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