Where’s the BBC coverage? Palestinians in Israel for Ramadan

As was also the case last year, Israel’s Civil Coordination Department has relaxed the requirements for permits to enable residents of the Palestinian Authority-controlled areas to enter Israel during the month of Ramadan. On the first Friday of Ramadan, over 90,000 Palestinians entered Israel for prayer services or family visits and by the end of the holiday over a million people are expected to have taken advantage of the opportunity to visit Israel.  

But if you get your news from the BBC, you would know nothing about this rather special Middle East event at all.

Palestinians and Israeli Arabs cooling off on a Tel Aviv beach

Palestinians and Israelis at the beach in Tel Aviv, Ramadan 2012. Photo: Alex Levac

The Dome of Rock is seen in the background as Palestinian men pray at the Temple Mount on the first Friday of Ramadan on July 12. Photo by Ammar Awad/Reuters

Jerusalem, July 12th, 2013. Photo Ammar Awad

4 comments on “Where’s the BBC coverage? Palestinians in Israel for Ramadan

  1. There’s an admonition in communication design: KISS (keep it simple, Stupid). Somewhere among factors such as too much for correspondents or general readers to keep in mind, basic indifference tainted with pre-judgement or maybe prejudice determines what degree KISS is going to prevail. However, in the matter of ignoring the central issue of the 850,000 Jewish refugees from Arab lands as being an even greater factor in the peaceful resolution to the Palestine issue amounts to malfeasance. Thousands have suffered and died on all sides largely because BBC did not do its job ethically or responsibly for peace for Arabs, Jews and the general public. Inexcusable and uncivilized!

    • Unfortunately one can’t take for granted that the middle-class metropolitian PC types that inhabit the BBC and academia actually want a ‘peaceful resolution to the Palestinian issue’, if this involves the survival of the Jewish state. Many of them are more than happy for the Palestinian problem to continue, since it’s such a useful club to beat Israel with.

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