BBC Persian Service promotes antisemitic Holocaust denier Atzmon

h/t Adam Holland (via Twitter) & others  

You might think that an organisation which has as its motto the phrase “Nation shall speak peace unto Nation” would refrain from promoting the opinions of an antisemitic Holocaust denier, but that is not the case. 

We have previously documented here examples of the BBC’s vigorous groupie-style promotion of Gilad Atzmon, especially on the World Service – see here, here and here – but on July 30th 2013 the BBC reached a new low by broadcasting an interview with Atzmon on its Persian Service.

Atzmon BBC Persia

Atzmon is of course no stranger to the Iranian regime’s Press TV and yet for some reason best known to itself, the BBC – which prides itself upon being a source of “accuracy, impartiality, independence, seriousness” in parts of the world in which local media cannot be relied upon  to exhibit those qualities – apparently sees nothing problematic in promoting the vile opinions of a man securely in the pocket of the regime which so recently harassed its local employees and blocked its broadcasts.

It is bad enough that the BBC promotes Atzmon in English language broadcasts, especially given that anti-racists in Britain are trying to oppose the spread of his hate speech.  But it is even more reprehensible and irresponsible on the part of the BBC to go to the trouble of translating his racist opinions into Persian for promotion in a part of the world which has been spoon-fed with anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial for years by its own repressive regime. 

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  1. The BBC no longer (if it ever did) makes even a pretense of unbiased reporting on Israel or Jews. No matter how low they sink we should never be surprised.

  2. Gilad Atzmon is no more anti semitic than the tooth fairy! I, like many others who ABHOR racism in ANY form, ( including that which the Palestinians suffer on a daily basis at the hands of Zionist israel) have read Gilads best seller, ‘The Wandering Who’ and found nothing to prove otherwise. Gilad Atzmon’s only crime is he speaks the truth; and it hurts.

      • Honestly, alexa, next thing you’ll be claiming is it’s racist to point out that all Jews are miserly, hook-nosed schemers who control Hollywood, the press, world finances, and the US government, and who kill Christian babies for their blood and Muslim children for their organs…

      • Alexa you are simply too old fashionable. What your generation called anti-semitism only twenty years ago today is defined by the new wannabe gas chamber operators like Costello and Morley as anti-racism and anti-Zionism. When Atzmon asserts that burning down a synagogue is a rational act, when he argues that Jews were responsible for the killing of Jesus and that Jewish outrage in response to the deicide charge only served to further prove their accountability and anti-Semitic acts and attitudes are “political responses” to Zionism and cannot be interpreted as racially motivated or irrational incidents of anti-Semitism then he is not an anti-Semite – he is an antiracist hero fighting for the human rights of the Palestinians. You should be more understanding and able to accommodate modern ideas./sarc off
        That Atzmon and his fan club seem to you nothing else but a bunch of murderous Jew haters you have to think again – they are all of the above but a bit more – you should say a huge thanks to them. They are the best justification for the existence of the Zionist idea and the state of Israel as a Jewish homeland showing that murderous anti-Semitism is living and kicking not only in Muslim dominated third world shit holes but the West too – it is out in the open – happily tolerated and supported by not only the far right but the mainstream and the so called liberal progressive left too.

        • “Muslim dominated third world shit holes ”
          If that’s not racist filth (in EVERY sense of the word), what is?

          • I see your logic Costello. In your book to consider the burning down of synagogues is a rational act, accusing the Jews with deicide is not racism but calling shitholes certain countries -where according to the local laws gays will be hanged, women can be beaten, adulterers will be stoned to death, women can’t leave their home without a male escort and forbidden to drive car, girls can’t educate themselves and religious minorities have zero human rights – is.
            I hope you will visit one or more of these countries and will enjoy yourself. I guarantee you that in every bookshop albeit you won’t see any stuff considered heresy by the religious authorities you will find copies of the Protocols and the Mein Kampf on sale and will be able to complete your existing collection. Please don’t forget to have a male escort and to hide your face behind a burqa.

        • Here are some quotes of Atzmon now tell me he is not a denier.

          “It took me many years to accept that the Holocaust narrative, in its current form, doesn’t make any historical sense. Here is just one little anecdote to elaborate on:

          If, for instance, the Nazis wanted the Jews out of their Reich (Judenrein – free of Jews), or even dead, as the Zionist narrative insists, how come they marched hundreds of thousands of them back into the Reich at the end of the war?”

          “When I was young and naïve I was also convinced that what they told us about our ‘collective’ Jewish past really happened. I believed it all, the Kingdom of David, Massada, and then the Holocaust: the soap, the lampshade, the death march, the six million.

          As it happened, it took me many years to understand that the Holocaust, the core belief of the contemporary Jewish faith, was not at all an historical narrative for historical narratives do not need the protection of the law and politicians”

          “I am left puzzled here; if the Nazis ran a death factory in Auschwitz-Birkenau, why would the Jewish prisoners join them at the end of the war? Why didn’t the Jews wait for their Red liberators?”

      • Holocaust denial is an extream form of anti-Semitism. You may be entitled to your own opinions. You are NOT entitled to your own facts. Not a single Nazi ever brought to the docket ever said it didn’t happen. Not a one. Their defence was always “I was just following orders”, or “I didn’t Know what was happening”. Hoess, commandant of Auschwitz was quite open, even proud of what he did. A commander of one of the ‘Einzatzgruppen’ boasted of the number of Jews killed in Barbarossa.
        So don’t you ever dare say Holocaust denial is another opinion. It happened.

        PS: Eisenhower had meticulous records, including film documenting the facts.
        So did the British.

        • Neither Christians nor Muslims neither US Americans nor Britts consider themselves as a religion and a nation and a lineage community at the same time. None of them implemented an “identity politics” comparable to the complex system of the “Jewish identiity politics” which means a special form of belonging propagated by the state of Israel in her “law of return”, by AIPAC and other organizations in “birthrigth”, by taking into responsibility the Jewish Diaspora all over the world, by identifying anti-zionism with anti-semitism, and by excluding every non-Jew from this complex system with absurd results as the fact that 60.000 African refugees who lived for more than a decade in Israel are named “infiltrators” (even “cancer” by some radicals”) were criminalized, some thousands of them detained in camps, and until now a few hundred expelled. However, every “Jew” living all over the world who never himself nor his ancestors ever were in Israel/Paelstine is provided with citizenship and even invited to life on land in the occupied territories by ethnically cleansing of the indigenous people, the Palestinians, or even non-Jewish Israeli citizens such as the demolition of the villages of 40.000 Bedouins in the Negev in these days.
          I think these questions are worth to be adressed by a open and provocative presentation in Atzmon’s book “the wandering who”.

          • Any answer to what I wrote in my post about Jews from arab country and about the Japanies ; Or is it that like atzmon if you can’t blame the Jews it is not really intreseting
            The Wandering who?
            Ten anti-Zionist authors, including Laurie Penny and Richard Seymour, all of whom have also been published by Zero Books, publicly condemned the publisher in an open letter for releasing the book.[65] They signed a statement arguing:
            “The thrust of Atzmon’s work is to normalise and legitimise anti-Semitism. We do not believe that Zero’s decision to publish this book is malicious. Atzmon’s ability to solicit endorsements from respectable figures such as Richard Falk and John Mearsheimer shows that he is adept at muddying the waters both on his own views and on the question of anti-Semitism. But at a time when dangerous forces are attempting to racialise political antagonisms, we think the decision is grossly mistaken.

          • I thought our topic is Atzmon’s idea about “Jewish identity politics”. I’m not interested in the opinion of so called authorities, even if in this case the score is much more for Atzmon (well known international outstanding and bi-partisan UC-scholar Mearsheimer against some no-name dubious mostly Jewish so called anti-zionist without any international reputation). Why would You like to discuss discuss about Your stereotypes about “Arab” countries. I hope You are aware that You put countries from Maroc over Tunesia, Algeria, Egypt to Syria, Saudi Arabia, Dubai to Irak in a single basket, sounds stereotyping and also not far from racist. However, Atzmon’s Topic is “Jewish identity politics” and You uses the simple tactic of changing the subject. Is BBC watch also interested in stereotyping of Palestinians, Arabs and other non-Jews? No, it is not. Let’s be honest: Why don’t you like to say something about “Jewish identity politics”, “law of return”, birthright, the pressure on the Diaspora Jews, the politics against the 60.000 African refugees in the state of Israel, the illegal settlements in the occupied territories, the ethnic cleansing against 40.000 Bedouins in the Negev, who are non-Jewish citizens of the state of Israel? Not to mention the imprisonment of minors, torture against detainees, all the stuff which You find in the movie gate keeper clearly stated by the former chiefs of Shin Bet, so Avraham Shalom: “We act like the Germans in Poland, France.” Alexa, You should decline such insane and immoral hasbara activities, hear on the voice of universal ethics: One should not treat others in ways that one would not like to be treated. “Jewish identity politics” is clearly against this universal ethics.

  3. Possibly the British government has belatedly realised that an attempt to rein in this kind of hate-mongering pretendy news may be a vote-winner at the next election. Thus we have the following story this morning:

    Could the beeboid Persian service vanish into well-deserved obscurity? Could beebettes Bethany and Yolande at the overweight 5-star-hotel Jerusalem Bureau soon find themselves being ordered to earn danger money reporting in Yemen, Syria, Egypt and Libya? Could punitively taxed £145.50 annual British TV licence-fee payers see a slimmed down beeboid news output, on which more money is currently spent than by “all other broadcasters combined.”? Duvidl will not be holding his breath.

  4. I have heard the same old tosh from several people, that Gilad is this, Gilad is that. When I ask them to point to the passages in his book which subsantiate the accusations, they can’t. Gilad is asking Zionists to take the painful journey of self-examination, discovery, realisation and admission of truths they have tried to avoid. Not many are capable of taking this journey, of incorporating the message into their psyches. So they try to shoot the messenger instead.

  5. The corrupt Wacko anti Gilad Atzmon propagandist crowd is at it again! As usual with argumentum ad hominem!

    1) Israelis who view the history of the Israeli/Palestine conflict through Blinkers or Rose colored glasses.

    2) The neo Israelis [The pathetic US two passport supporters/apologists of the brutality of the Israeli occupation in Palestine].

    3) The crazy ‘so called’ -Christian’s-whose perverted interpretation of the Bible condones the Palestinian death/injury and displacement as a prerequisite to the return of the Messiah! Even Jesus Christ would regard them as Deviants!

    All have one thing in common! They cannot stand the truth!

    So they attack Gilad Atzmon a Righteous Jew who tells it as it is!

    Keep it up Gilad!

    [Those who wish to know about Bias at the BBC will find that it is actually anti-Palestine bias! See the detailed report by Professor Greg Philo of Glasgow University ]

    • The neo Israelis – The pathetic US two passport supporters/apologists of the brutality of the Israeli occupation in Palestine.
      Especially those neo-Israelis from Baghdad Casablanca, Addis-Ababa and Moscow holding the US passports.
      One more wannabe synagogue burner called Watson…

    • Barry I begun reading your article and how not surprising I read this paragraph

      ” Most did not know that the Palestinians had been forced from their homes and land when Israel was established in 1948. In 1967 Israel occupied by force the territories to which the Palestinian refugees had moved”

      No metnion of course of the Leage of nation decision about Palestine as the home of the Jewish people . Not surprisingly no mention has been made of the rejection of arabs of the partition plan and declaring war on the Jewish population in Israel. No mention of the facts that most arabs were orderd by their leaders to leave the area and make place for arabs armies to finsih the Jewish problem. No mentioning of course of those Jews who were ethnicly cleansed from arabs states. No mention in 1967 of arabs aggrations and of the fact that Jordan was asked by Israel via the UN to stop its acts of war against Israel and refused and only than did Israel begun its defensive war against Jordan.

      Professor? what a shame ..

  6. Alexa-
    First things first. I am not anti-Israel! The holocaust was real! All right minded peoples with empathy for the suffering of these poor people, will never forget! You do not have to be Jewish !
    But it cannot go on being an excuse for the repressive actions of the Israeli Governments!
    I hope that one day the two peoples in Israel and Palestine will live in peace together.
    The comments I made are in regard to the charge of anti-Israel bias by the BBC-And I do not need Professor Philo to confirm that this is rubbish; because I see the opposite anti Palestine bias regularly for myself!
    I also feel the charges against Gilad and other Israelis and Jews from other countries if they criticize Israel are usually a ‘knee jerk’ reaction and sometime bizarre!
    However having read quite a lot about the history conflict, I regard the Palestinians as having been ‘sold down the river’ by the West for many other reasons other than to fulfil the dream of the Jewish people!
    Your comments, about what is not mentioned in Philo’s report, are more to do with the Complete History of Palestine/Israel! Not BBC Bias.
    All of your seemingly rational questions can be combated other information from history which casts a different light on the events-
    What did the British Have initially in mind in Palestine?
    Who were the people who had influence with the highest echelons of British Government to press for the return of Jews to Palestine? [Did the Palestinians have this access?]
    Why the ambiguity of calling it a ‘Homeland’ and not a state?
    Was it realistic to expect the Palestinians to feel safe and be satisfied with-…’ it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine..’ ?
    [See-The Question of Palestine: British-Jewish-Arab Relations, 1914-1918 by Isaiah Friedman or The High Walls of Jerusalem by Ronald Sanders]
    Was the Partition vote fair?
    Finally you cannot dismiss 1500 years of people living in a country to fulfill the dream of people whose ancestors lived there 2000 years previously!

    • Did I say that you were anti Israel?
      I just show the very sorry knowledge of history of someone who calls himeself a Professor. Your questions have nothing to do with historical facts.

  7. First things first. I am not anti-Israel!
    First thing first – who gives a shit about an apologist for a Jew hating dirt?
    The holocaust was real!
    Watson I have to tell you that apart from your friends everybody knows this.
    The problem is that many are dreaming about a repeat performance like your friend Atzmon. Problem Watson – it won’t happen again. I understand your and friend Gilad’s frustration but life is tough, try to live with this unchangeable fact.
    What did the British Have initially in mind in Palestine?
    Please tell.
    Who were the people who had influence with the highest echelons of British Government to press for the return of Jews to Palestine?
    As an apologist for an outright antisemite like Atzmon you certainly know the answer already – the rich Jews.
    Did the Palestinians have this access?
    Certainly the Arabs were left without any influence – this the reason that the Brits passed over the biggest part of the mandate to the Jewish Hashemite clan.
    Why the ambiguity of calling it a ‘Homeland’ and not a state
    I heard many stupid questions about the I/P conflict – this one is a hopeful candidate to win the first place.
    Was it realistic to expect the Palestinians to feel safe and be satisfied with-…’ it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine.
    Not only it was realistic but it was the only reasonable option for the Palestinians.
    Was the Partition vote fair
    Sorry this question beat the homeland vs state crap with its pure and concentrated idiocy
    Finally you cannot dismiss 1500 years of people living in a country to fulfill the dream of people whose ancestors lived there 2000 years previously!
    The problem that the majority of the Arabs hadn’t lived here for more than some decades before the War of Independence, there were many thousands of Jews who lived here from Biblical times and nobody wanted to dismiss the Palestinians only their own leaders and their own Arab brothers.

  8. Criticism of Israel similar to that levelled against any other country which behaves similarly cannot be regarded as antisemitic.
    It is pro-humanitarian which is what Atzmon is.

        • ” We should never compare Israel to Nazi Germany. As far as evilness is concerned, we should now let Israel take the lead.”
          “We must begin to take the accusation that the Jewish people are trying to control the world very seriously…. American Jewry makes any debate on whether the ‘Protocols of the elder of Zion’ are an authentic document or rather a forgery irrelevant. American Jews do try to control the world, by proxy. So far they are doing pretty well for themselves at least.”

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  10. To fight this, you all need to actively email, call, and also tweet at these media outlets, the editors, and the reporters.

    If you just read this blog entry, and comment, but do nothing, then nothing will happen. You need to sit and take time and take action.

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  13. Atzmon says a lot of nonsense, but he has also a point when arguing that Jewish identity and Jewish identity politics is an important issue of contemporary global politics. The question of Jewish identity politics, that means a politicized Israeli-Jewish identity which allows people like Naphthali Bennet to boast about his killings of “Arabs” and also saying that nothing is wrong with it, getting applause from tens of thousands of Israelis, Jews in the whole world, and Israel-firsters in the US and so on, is a problem to be solved between the Jewish identity and the universal ethics. Why are so many inhuman actions such as the imprisonment (and often torture) of Palestinian minors seen as justified, but the universal ethics defined in the UN children convention (even signed by Israel) is against it? Many examples can be given for universal moral standards whoch are not allowed to be used on the politics of the state of Israel against non-Jews. The fascinating issue in Atzmon’s writings is to discuss (although polemically) this point of Jewish identity politics. Is there a supremacy in the ancient notion of quod licet Iovis (= “Jewishness”) not licet bovis (=goyim)?

    • Is there a supremacy in the ancient notion of quod licet Iovis (= “Jewishness”) not licet bovis (=goyim)?

      Is there ?what do you think?

      • Isn’t the supremacy obvious in the settlement politics, in Netanjahus statement to Palestinian MK members “We were before You here” (who is actually the “we” in Netanjahus sentence? Is it not a point for Atzmon’s argument about Jewish identity politics?), and Bennett’s statement about killing “Arabs”? What do You think?

        • Is it? so historical facts are supremacy? or is it that you don;t belive the Jewish people really have historical conection to this land. by your logic there is an arab supermacy or is it that you belive they have the right that Jews don;t?
          what is this Jewish politics you are talking about. are you talking about israel policy? what has it got to do with all the Jews who don;t live in Israel.

          • Jewish identity politics is exactly about giving force to a perennial Jewish “we” which claims to have rights above all other human beings, especially all who lived in a special area such as Christian and Muslim Palestinians, that means an identity politic which leads to absurd results, e.g. that “Jews” from all over the world are allowed to come to Israel, but Palestinians who have lived there for centuries are not allowed to return to the places where their ancestors lived even not the graveyards of their fathers and grandfathers, or the absurd result that Americans with Palestinian roots are denied entry to Israel, but every Jewish teenager gets a birthright holiday and so on and so on. Your question about “identitiy politics” suggests that You never read Atzmon’s book. Did You ever read the “Wandering who” or are You picking quotations from a fabricated hasbara leaflet?

          • Jews are denied entry to arab countries which they ancestors have lived there for centuries they are not allowed to return to the places where their ancestors lived even not the graveyards of their fathers and grandfathers.
            Would that make the arabs supremacy nations?
            Or does the fact that Japanese don;t give permanent residency to muslim or citizentship makes them a supremacy nation as well?

      • No. Jews are as varied in their opinions as Christians or Muslims or all other human beings. Everyone misguidedly may think they are better than another person (or worse) this can be a sign of pathology and makes life more difficult than it need be.

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