The Tripod: CAMERA Links in Three Languages – August 14-15th edition

BBC coverage of building tenders reaches hysterical highs
With three reports on the subject in one day, the BBC is doing its level best to persuade audiences that Israeli building plans are sabotaging peace talks. (BBC Watch)

BBC finally gets round to (briefly) reporting crimes of Palestinian prisoners
A BBC profile of some of the Palestinian prisoners scheduled for release and their crimes was rapidly demoted to the status of ‘related articles’. (BBC Watch)

Middle East headlines in the Spanish speaking press
The media focuses on Israel’s “bombing” in Gaza, but tends to ignore the provocation and the rockets fired from there. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

CAMERA speaks at the Israel on Campus Coalition National Training
Thirty five ICC Interns attended a CAMERA Writing Workshop, where they learned how to better recognize bias in the media and practiced writing letters to the editor. (In Focus)

Minorities serving in the IDF
Christians, Muslims and Druze all serve in the Israeli Military, learn about some of their stories. (In Focus)

The Guardian faces stiff competition for most sympathetic depiction of murderers
The Guardian, Independent, Irish Times, Telegraph and Times (of London) all recently published photos sympathetically depicting the 26 murderers (pre-Oslo prisoners) recently released by Israel, and yet didn’t mention the brutal crimes they committed, nor a word about the victims. (CiF Watch)

Erasing the victims, polishing the killers
Spanish media reported on the liberation of the first Palestinian prisoners, but they omitted to inform about their crimes and to report about the victims. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)



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  1. I’m hopeful that shortly every news story will always bear the indication that it has been read by the opposite side or divergent interest as a matter of course with appropriate footnoting. Much news reporting today seems unreliable or subjective in both wording and content. I’d rather wait and depend on history books than today’s news. To wit: I just discovered how the US got involved in Viet Nam because of France and the Marshall Plan. I’d been aware of it long before others in 1952, but 1947!!? I couldn’t have read about it in the papers at the time. I feel betrayed by the media not doing its job. Apparently, Marshall thought French Indo China a worthy cause and was against the idea of voting for Israel statehood in the UN!

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