New BBC Jerusalem Bureau Chief

As readers may have already noticed, Paul Danahar moved on from his position as head of the BBC’s Middle East Bureau in Jerusalem last month and is now in Washington.

His replacement is Richard Colebourn who was formerly based in Beirut.

Colebourn twitter

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2 comments on “New BBC Jerusalem Bureau Chief

  1. I’m long since retired, but it might be useful if you folks could have in mind a high school or community college teacher helping students of journalism, English, etc with what s/he can use to help students think and write critically. See if they notice the frequently prejudiced copy that BBC produces by themselves and get them to rewrite the copy. You might want to send sample student corrections and obsrvations to BBC.

    • It’s an interesting idea, but in order to do a critique of the BBC’s coverage of the Middle East, students would have to be clued up on the region. For example, when the BBC spouts a small fraction of the truth as if its the whole truth, people who have been brought up to trust the BBC will take it as the whole truth.

      Thus when the BBC’s pushes the following line, Israel regards Hamas as a terrorist organisation, without mentioning all the other countries and the EU which have the same official stance re Hamas, this translates in many people’s minds as, Well, Israel would, wouldn’t it?

      And so the insidious denigrating and delegitimising of Israel creeps ever onward.

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