Recycled footage and messaging in BBC business reports from Israel

A filmed report for BBC television news by the BBC’s Middle East business reporter Jonathan Frewin from September 21st  was also posted on the BBC News website’s Middle East and Business pages and still appears on the former five days later. 

Frewin economy

Here is a screenshot from another report by Frewin which appeared on August 24th – spot the similarity? 

Frewin august

Not only footage is being recycled; the two reports include interviews with the same economist and the same unsourced predictions of population growth rate in the ultra-orthodox sector in Israel. 

Are BBC audiences really in need of two reports on this internal Israeli issue in less than a month? 


2 comments on “Recycled footage and messaging in BBC business reports from Israel

  1. Could this be because of staff shortages at the BBC? Due to lack of tax payers funding.

    The Guardian and The BBC are both constantly trying to portray Israel as a country controlled by lunatic religious extremists. They also see Christian evangelists as more of a threat to world peace that Islamic extremists.

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