BBC repeats misrepresentation of Bar Noar shooting

Readers may remember that back in August we noted that a BBC World Service radio programme on the subject of Tel Aviv’s Gay Pride Week included – inter alia – inaccuracies attributable to the fact that the programme makers had not bothered to amend it to reflect developments in the investigation into the 2009 shooting at the Bar Noar youth centre.

At the time, we noted that a filmed version of the programme was also scheduled for broadcast.

“Let’s hope that these issues are dealt with before the television version of this documentary is broadcast so that what otherwise could be an interesting programme is not marred by failures of accuracy and impartiality.”

The television version of the documentary appeared on October 5th in the programme ‘Our World on the BBC News Channel. 

Our World BBC News

Unfortunately, as can be seen in this version of the filmed programme (also available on iPlayer for a limited period of time for those in the UK), the Bar Noar shootings are still being misrepresented as an anti-gay hate crime and the political associations of Professor Aeyal Gross are still not being made clear to BBC audiences, in clear breach of editorial guidelines. 

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  1. What’s good for the goose evidently is not good for the gander:

    BBC admits it was wrong over pro-Israel commentator

    The BBC has said it was wrong to hide a commentator’s pro-Israel credentials in reports on the Israeli airstrikes on Gaza last year.

    BBC News 24 interviewed Jonathan Sacerdoti four times over two days last November.

    During his appearances Mr Sacerdoti supported Israel’s right to defend itself from Gaza rocket attacks.

    Mr Sacerdoti was described by the BBC as a member of the Institute for Middle Eastern Democracy, an independent think-tank.

    But the Palestine Solidarity Campaign complained that the corporation should have mentioned he was also a former director of the Zionist Federation, and to indicate his “strongly Zionist” perspective.

    A PSC spokesperson said the group “wrote to the BBC to ask why it was misleading viewers by presenting Sacerdoti as being a neutral expert on Israel and Palestine, when he is, in fact, strongly Zionist.”.

    It also complained that: “No commentator was interviewed alongside him to give a Palestinian point of view”.

    The BBC, which received two formal complaints, launched an investigation and has now said: “It was not made clear that [Sacerdoti] is an active proponent of the Israeli viewpoint.

    “Viewers should have been made aware that he was not a neutral commentator.”

    But Mr Sacerdoti told the JC: “The BBC introduced me by my job title at the time of my appearance.

    “It has confirmed that my analysis was ‘in keeping with the requirements of due impartiality’.”

    He added that such complaints were “a side-effect of working in this field.

    “Pressure groups will try to discredit analysts when they don’t like their analysis.”

    A BBC investigation launched after only two complaints from the PSC – how many complaints from BBCWatch would be required?

  2. Duvidl reprises part of his comment on the BBC Watch article in August about Tim’s original coverage of the Tel Aviv Gay Pride March:

    “Duvidl’s suggests Tim would never have obtained BBC air time for his programme without an Isra-hate propaganda theme and at least one interview with assorted unacknowledged Isra-haters.”

    It seems to Duvidl that the BBC gay powers-that-be, notably the execrable Jew-hater Stephen Fry (referred to in Duvidl’s original comment), make it essential for Tim to maintain a strong Israeli gay-hate theme in order to be given a BBC airing, even when the true motive for the 2009 Noam shooting probably included “personal revenge”.

    Duvidl suspects “Tonic” Tim would not be given such licence for a programme, say, about public crane hangings in Tehran of gay people, who they were and they and their families’ suffering. But BBC Watchers can find out by watching Youtube instead of the BBC:

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