4 comments on “Why we need to talk about the BBC’s promotion of Middle East conspiracy theories

  1. “..Atwan is in no mood to examine the alternatives…”

    Of course not. I remember hearing Atwan on al-Beeb, waxing against criticism of Muslim males (the first group of many) found to have groomed young white girls for sex, in spite of the evidence which proved that they had done so. Atwan went on to resort to the usual bleating of “Islamophobia” and the interviewer asked him whether he wasn’t seeing conspiracy theories where there weren’t any.

    And this exemplar of Muslim intelligence (he must have been because al-Beeb chose him to speak for Muslims) went on to shout that it was his right to believe in conspiracy theories if he chose to do so.

  2. Abdul deserves a rhyme from Duvidl:

    Abdul Bari Atwan;
    Looks rather like a rat-man.
    A sight; spectacular;
    Gangster vampire-bat man.

  3. Robert Davis : these media do NOT want peace in Mid East they want Israel’s destruction and meanwhile perpetual war. To ask for 2 States in such a tiny place(UK already handed out Eastern Palestine ILLEGALLY to arabs since the whole of Palestine was allotted to jews by the treaty of sevres in 1923 along with 21 States to arabs) means 1 State + 1 Explosive to burst out the first.

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