Which country is absent from the BBC’s list of international aid efforts in the Philippines?

On November 10th a lead team of experts in search & rescue and medicine from the IDF’s Home Front Command left Israel and travelled the 6,000 miles to the typhoon-stricken Philippines in order to assess the needs of the local population.

On the basis of that lead team’s assessments, a delegation set out for the Philippines on the morning of November 13th. In addition to around 100 tons of humanitarian aid and medical supplies, the mission includes 150 team members from the IDF Home Front Command’s Search & Rescue Unit and from the IDF Medical Corps. A field hospital is being set up and live updates are available here and here

IDF mission to Philippines

Among the BBC’s coverage of the disaster appearing on the homepage of its website is an article from November 13th titled “Typhoon Haiyan: UK’s Philippines appeal raises £13m“.

The article includes a side-box headed “Aid From Around the World”, another version of which also appears in this report and in this one. As readers can see for themselves, one country’s contribution – already present on the ground – is absent from that list. 

Aid from around the world

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  1. They left out several countries, including Israel.

    I’m surprised anyone would try and make a cheap (and in this case misleading) political point out of the Philippines tragedy.

    Things like this – and Israel’s relentless, toe-curling boasting about its humanitarian efforts – really damage our reputation in the eyes of day-to-day people. (I realise for cultic activists it all plays very well.)

    • “Israel’s relentless, toe-curling boasting about its humanitarian efforts”

      If not Israel ‘boasting’, then who? Or would you prefer that Israel just SHUT UP and let people get their info from Israel-haters with no rebuttals?

      My personal apologies for Israel stating its case so vociferously and ‘needlessly’ that it offends you.

      “cultic activists”

      Oh, I’m sorry, you’re looking for the supporters of the LIE of “Palestine”; that’s out the door and second room on the right……G’Morning!

    • How dare israel discuss the good it does? Why should the world know that while israel is being vilified for everything from putting sharks in egyptian waters, harvesting human organs to poisoning leaders, that actually israel is one of if not the first to set up field hospitals in disaster areas, or to treat wounded syrians whilst jordan turns them away in droves. How dare israel highlight the good it does whilst others scream its bad… we should be good little jews and take whatever shit is thrown at us….. after all.. we are just pinkwashing our genocide of the palestinians… we only pretend to be a sexually liberal state to cover up our warcrimes… how dare we boast … ever

      • These responses are proving my point well.

        I think it’s marvellous that Israel is doing what it is doing in the Philippines. And there is a correct way to highlight it to the world and I want it to highlight it to the world in the correct way.

        The ugly, OTT boasting Israel is doing across social networks today is ill-judged. It plays well to those already onside (albeit it makes some of them a touch puffed-up and self-righteous!), but for the general public it plays very badly.

        As for my original point, *many* countries who are assisting the Philippines have been left of that BBC list. Not just Israel. Not “one country” – many countries.

        • I personally havent seen one single ‘ott ugly boasting’ in any form of media..maybe you can show me some?. i have seen pride in our humanitarianism…and tell me… what is the correct way of informing the world…that u know what… we aint that bad after all? Get off your pedastal of righteousness and ask yourself..why we have to shout louder than the many more naysayers?!?

        • Chas, translated: “Oh, shut up, you dirty, little Jews, how dare you speak of your successes in any but the ways I, ALONE, approve!”

          Note to the rat-faced OVG: It’s not 1947, and we’re not under your Imperial thumb any longer, so sod off…….

          • Don’t be ridiculous. Chas is a solid supporter of Israel and Jews. You are really not helping by insulting him.

          • “You’re a silly one but you do make me laugh.”

            People can get autistic children to laugh and smile, too, and for much the same reason as you, OVG. Not a coincidence, I’m sure……..

            @ Shira S B: Does this sound “supportive” or, for that matter, reality-based?

            “Israel’s relentless, toe-curling boasting about its humanitarian efforts”

          • I can’t directly reply to your comment to me itself for some reason, so I’m replying here: I didn’t like that Chas said that, no, and I would ask him how he thinks we should do it differently, but having an opinion I don’t share isn’t the same as being anti-Israel. Also, thanks for implying that autistic = stupid. This autistic is deeply unimpressed and now has a much better idea of your general attitude.

        • No, actually it doesn’t Chas. It simply points out that if Israel’s friends don’t remark on it, the msm certainly won’t. How long before we have Baroness Tonge promoting her fictions about the IDF harvesting human organs, too?

          Since you mentioned it, what IS the ‘correct’ way to highlight this to the world?

    • OyVaGoy (Chas Newkey Burden… whatever), has reached a new low.

      OVG is a supposed friend of Israel but in reality an anti-Israel troll. This bizarre individuals behaviour manifests itself in tons of seemingly pro-Israel comments and activity, and then suddenly shows his real face once in a while. Such as now.

      This is the first time, though, I’ve seen him call himself ‘one of us’. lol

      Chas, you are not one of us. How dare you attack what little pride Israelis can feel, such is the relentless distortions on her character by the BBC and others.

      • Caped Crusader – you are talking nonsense. Chas is a friend without any question. If you knew him, you’d know. In this instance, I happen to disagree with him.

          • “And I feel my tone above was a little tetchy in parts. I’m sorry.”

            No, you’re not, but thanks for pretending in order to maintain the fiction for your fan-boys and -girls, rat-face……

          • I think the apology is sincere. I find that in these conversations posters are quick to anger and their responses follow suit. As Jane Austen wrote: “Angry people are not always wise.”

            It might be useful to look closely at what OyVa said. There has been a lot of “bragging” by Israel lovers about the good work the IDF is doing in the Philippines. It is, in fact, no more than I would expect from Israel, that it extend a helping hand to those in dire need in such a generous manner. Ideally, doing the right thing should not be praised. It should be taken as the norm. The only problem is, that with Israel, there is a terrible asymmetry. Its haters look with magnifying glass at every blemish they can find and then blow it up, in the social media to humongous proportions where the sheer shrill volume of the attacks is simply overwhelming. Yet when Israeli s doing what it does best, helping other people in straits, Israel lovers are expected to be humble and not say anything about it, because, well, it is “toe-curling boasting”. So Israel supporters are left quite bereft of viable options: vilified en mass by every slanderer and barking dog on the Internet with a little too much time on their hands, while expected to keep a dignified mum when they can show the human compassionate face of Israel.

            JP Sartre nailed this abysmally unfair state of affairs when he said:

            “The cause of the Jews would be half won if only their friends brought to their defense a little of the passion and the perseverance their enemies use to bring them down.”

            Instead of excoriating us, OyVaGoy, for taking pride in the obvious and undeniable merit of the IDF’s efforts, can you suggest an alternative that would show the reading public a more decent balance between the slanderers and the defenders of Israel without the toe curling effect?

    • I am surprised by this comment
      I do not believe it is an innocent omission and I welcome the news that the first baby to be born in the Israeli field hospital has been named Israel
      It is not a case of boasting and israel does a huge amount quietly behind the sceall disaster areas including many where the country involved has been hugely damaging to Israel It is just a desire for accurate fair reporting and an even playing field One UN observer has already expressed amazement at the level of Israel’s help in the Philippines and how they always turn up ready to start helping in the most professional way 370 people were treated in the field hospital on the very first day the team arrived

      • Joy – you are right. Israel is absolutely justified in its pride for such efforts. I seem to recall that Israel even offered Iran aid when the Bam earthquake happened (I am pretty sure it was refused, but the offer was I’m sure genuine).

  2. You lot really are pathetic.To see the world through your gloom tinted sh*tstirring glasses must be depressing and extremely tiring.

      • Well, perhaps the BBC had a similar list in front of its collective nose when it extracted a few countries for its own list. It should have clarified that the list was a partial one. It would also be interesting to know why the UAE was included, when the “aid” from that country is only a pledge.

        Why did the UAE make it onto the list rather than Israel, which has practical emergency aid on the ground? The Arab world, swimming in its vast oil wealth, is notorious for its lack of assistance to those affected by natural disasters.

        Reminds me of Haiti – Israel was also omitted from BBC reports while the country did great work on the ground after that massive earthquake.

        Fergal, if you cannot see BBC anti-Israel bias you really need to open your eyes. The BBC is riddled with anti-Israel ideologues whose default mode is to seek out and report every single negative they can find on Israel while ignoring the good that Israel does, like treating close to 300 Syrians wounded in that brutal civil war and taking in thousands of refugees from Darfur. Note that both Syria and Sudan are hostile enemy states with majority Muslim populations, yet here’s the Jewish state assisting them out of basic compassion.

        • Thanks for the constructive response True Too. Perhaps Duvid Crockett, who seems to argue Ad hominem, could learn a thing or two from you. I travelled the region a couple of years ago taking in Israel, the west bank and Lebannon among other places. I have also studied the history and politics of the area so believe me when I say that my eyes are well and truly open. I agree that many aspects of bbc reporting are biased and flawed but to say that there is an institutional bias against the state of Israel or the plight of the Jewish people is a serious stretch of the imagination and smells of paranoia. Anyone with a stong viewpoint on a topic will percieve the media coverage as being biased. All sides concerned with Scottish Independence, Irish Unity,the Occupy movement, the London Street Riots etc continually allege media bias. I’m sure the Palestinans would claim BBC bias against their cause too. If you don’t agree, that’s fine. I respect a strong and vocal opinion. I’m not here to change opinions. A friend shared this article through the bbcwatch facebook page and this particular article really irritated me for some reason. That’s why i am here, in case you were wondering.

          • Fergal, thanks for the even tone of your response. I’ve been following the BBC, mainly through its News Website and the World Service, for well over a decade. While it’s no doubt true that critics sometimes see bias where none exists, the BBC has proved its bias time and again, from Barbara Plett weeping for Yasser Arafat to Alan Johnston pumping out anti-Israel propaganda from among his friends in Gaza for 3 years to Jon Donnison trying to tell his World Service listeners that the “peace activists” on the Mavi Marmara were trying to fend off the Israelis “with sticks,” when they were in facts beating them to the deck one by one with iron bars as they abseiled from a helicopter.

            In fairness, there is sometimes a lull in the grinding bias, for example the Panorama programme on that incident – which took an honest look at both sides involved.

            So if you come across an article that makes a less-than-convincing allegation of BBC bias, note the history. The BBC is riddled with anti-Israel activists posing as journalists. And the evidence to prove that allegation fills volumes.

    • Top o’ t’ evening to you Fergal. Speaking of pathos, Duvidl notices little old antisemitic banana republic Ireland is absent from your linked list. How is the emerald isle doing so far with her second bailout compared to start-up-nation Israel’s $4bn in start-up exits so far this year?




      • wow. just wow. firstly, congrats to israel and its 4 billion dollar start ups. Was lucky enough to be there this time 2 years ago. had an amazing time. great people. great weather. great country. unfortunately i didnt meet you because, man i’d love to buy you a pint. U’d be a great laugh to chat to. just one thing though. anti-semitic banana republic? Your’re somewhat right. we are a republic. As for the banana part. We’re politically very stable and export many products to many markets including over $300 million to Israel(nice one by the way) so you may have to resit that class in political science. The less said about the antisemitic comment, the better. i’m not biting.

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  4. Just heard a baby was born in an Israeli field hospital in the disaster zone.

    The parents have named the baby Israel.

  5. Chas
    ‘Israel relentless toe curling boasting about its humanitarian efforts ‘
    I think you will find that it is not Israel that is making a political point , but her supporters . Hardly the same but understandable given the fact that Israel tends to be on the receiving end of every conceivable negative stereotype and accusation levelled by her detractors . We strive to counter and reverse the hate engendered by our enemies . Sometimes we allow our enthusiasm to get the better of our judgement .
    I’d be interested to hear your opinion on the lack of coverage of the recent cold blooded murder of the Israeli soldier on a bus by a young West Bank Palestinian .
    Is my concern also ‘ toe curling ‘

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