That renowned BBC accuracy and impartiality…

On November 19th this Tweet was sent by BBC Gaza office employee Rushdi Abualouf:

Tweet Abualouf explosion Gaza

However, no such “air raid” took place. The injuries cited by Abualouf – and one fatality – were caused by an accidental explosion and had nothing at all to do with Israel. 

maan explosions gaza 19 11

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  1. “However, no such “air raid” took place.”

    Maybe not this time but Israeli brutal attacks on Gaza continue despite rocket attacks being at their lowest level for 10 years. As a recent OXFAM report notes:

    “Overall, the past 12 months have been the quietest period in 10 years, with the lowest numbers of rocket attacks from Gaza and of Palestinian casualties from Israeli incursions into Gaza. However, the ceasefire has been violated on numerous occasions. In the past year, Israel has carried out 19 airstrikes and over 300 incidents of border and naval fire, causing seven fatalities and at least 132 injuries. Palestinian factions have fired over 140 homemade rockets towards Israel, with no casualties reported.

    For some civilians, security has worsened. So far in 2013, there have been over 150 incidents of Israeli naval fire against Gaza fishermen – a 40% increase over the past two years.”

    • The ceasefire has been violated by FIRE FROM GAZA not Israel. Israel only retaliates to said FIRE FROM GAZA to prevent future FIRE FROM GAZA. Rocket attacks being at their lowest level for 10 years does not mean that attacks from Gaza have stopped. Less does not equal to None.

    • According to sencar – the site’s resident Jew-hater – the reports of OXFAM – the notorious anti-Israel and some times openly anti-semite organization – must be taken seriously. Next time s/he will quote from the Grimm Brothers too.

    • Wow the racist morons sure like inventing facts.

      The Islamofascists launch rockets and mortars at civilians and then sencar whines like a baby when Israel shoots back. Under international law Israel could legally carpet bomb the Gaza strip that the Arabs illegally occupy.

      As for the claim of Israeli naval gunfire against Gaza terrorists – there has been NONE WHATSOEVER. The Egyptian Navy has fired, not the Israeli.

      sencar is a lying piece of cr*p

  2. BBC should be ashamed of employing liars and biased anti Israel reporters. but what’s new. And well will the BBC acknowledge that Israel is one of the most effective countries giving aid in the Philippines and the number of babies born in the Israeli Field Hospital has now reached double figures. Lots of little Israels!!
    Nearly 400 patients treated on first day the hospital was set up in a very remote areao

    • Still no acknowledgement from the BBC of Israel’s help in the Philippines. Instead we’re fed this puff piece on one of the BBC’s favourite NGO about babies born after the typhoon:

      Contrast & Compare indeed!

      Live Updates: #IDFinPhilippines Rescue Mission

      Friday, November 22, 2013

      10:00 AM:

      The IDF in the Philippines field hospital has just treated its 2000th patient.

      Thursday, November 21, 2013

      10:30 AM: Since the delegation’s arrival, 1 out of every 3 patients in the Israeli field hospital has been a child.


      1:00 AM: IDF delegation in the Philippines continues to work hard on rehabilitation of 2 schools.

      IDF Philippines
      Wednesday, November 20, 2013

      7:30 PM: Video footage of the IDF’s rescue delegation treating a 34-week-old premature baby in distress this morning:

      4:30 PM: 272 people treated today by the IDF in the Philippines. Overall, 1451 patients have been treated, 463 of whom are children.
      SHY_0964Tuesday, November 19, 2013

      3:00 PM: Over 1,000 people were treated by IDF medical teams in the past four days.

      12:45 AM:

      #IDFinPhilippines future plans: Distributing 200+ meals and making water accessible to nearby villages

      — IDF Rescue (@IDFrescue) November 18, 2013

      Monday, November 18, 2013

      9:30 PM: Thanks to the IDF team in Philippines, the school year began as normal today. They repaired a school building, and taught its students some Hebrew along the way. 8:30 PM: The IDF medical team treated 952 patients today, including people with chronic illnesses seeing a doctor for the first time. babyhospital 8:30 AM: The IDF orthopedic team treated a one-day-old baby born with a serious birth defect in all four limbs.

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