At last: an accurate and impartial BBC report on Syrian patients in Israel

Nine months ago, in February of this year, it became publicly known that Syrian patients were being treated in Israeli hospitals. In all of that time the BBC has produced one rather odd article by Wyre Davies on its website and one filmed report by BBC Arabic’s Sam Farah – shown on BBC television news and on the BBC News website, but not on the BBC Arabic site.

As we have noted here on numerous occasions, besides that very sparse coverage of the story, it has remained off the BBC’s radar.

On November 3rd the Israeli media gave extensive coverage to the story of a baby boy born to a Syrian mother in Tsfat’s Rifka Ziv hospital. On November 25th an article by the BBC Jerusalem Bureau’s Kevin Connolly on that specific case and on the general subject of Syrian patients treated in Israel appeared in the ‘Features & Analysis’ section of the BBC News website’s Middle East page. The report also includes filmed footage broadcast on BBC television news programmes. 

Connolly medical care Syrians

Both the written and filmed reports are interesting, factually accurate and impartial, showing that the BBC can meet its obligations to audiences when it so wishes. 

10 comments on “At last: an accurate and impartial BBC report on Syrian patients in Israel

    • Well if Arabs in Gaza weren’t trying to hurt the health of Israelis directly, then everything would be hunky dory as it was in the past.

      Re. the BBC report – there must be a blue moon tonight. Video report even had sympathetic interviews with an Israeli doctor and IDF paramedic. Incredible. I think a lot of BDSers will be cancelling their TV licence – well they would if they even paid for it.

      • “Where’s your comment about Egypt’s blockade of Gaza?”

        Simple – I condemn that too. Israel’s blockade was ameliorated to some extent by the Egyptian tunnels. Now that most have been closed the damage to health and well-being in Gaza is worse than ever.

        • I guess Hamas has no responsibility for the situation, especially not for diverting about $22 million in building supplies and labour to construct a tunnel to facilitate attacks on Israelis, AFTER Israel’s restrictions on the importation of supplies that could be converted to terror purposes were lifted. None whatsoever.

  1. I also heard a fairly long radio report on Israelis treating Syrians on the BBC World Service. I would have fallen off my chair if I had been sitting one one.

  2. We shouldn’t concern ourselves what the Brownshirt Broadcasting Corporation says about Jews – either the 999/1000 articles straight out of the Arab/Nazi press or the 1 that manages to squeak by that they will hold up as ‘proof’ of how wonderfully they treat us. They can burn in hell everyone who works for them.

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