Two weeks left to have your say at the BBC Trust

Here’s a quick reminder that the BBC Trust’s public consultation on the subject of its news and current affairs programmes, along with its website and social media activity, ends in two weeks – on December 13th.

Those wishing to take part can find details here.

2 comments on “Two weeks left to have your say at the BBC Trust

  1. Also a reminder to everybody that until the 6th December 2013 the government is requesting proposals from the public regarding The Future of the BBC.
    Hopefully all those who are aware of the insidious agenda of the BBC will do so. Submissions to be made through the Parliament Commons Select Committee Website.

    Please use this opportunity to try and have the BBC neutered.

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)
    Please do something – and pass it on.

  2. The BBC has amongst the highest number of viewers/readership in the world. It is extremely biased in some of its comments – especially when it concerns the Middle East. Whilst it could be a formidable teaching tool, which is not its duty or purpose, its failure to include the whole truth in its reporting is not only disappointing, history should hold the BBC reporting culpable for misleading so many millions with its bias and half-truths in its reporting. It needs a sincere, trustworthy and honest committee of “Ombudsmen”.

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