Bowen tweet not helpful to the BBC’s reputation for impartiality

Dr Eyad Sarraj, who recently died at Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem where he had been treated for leukemia, was the founder of the Gaza Community Mental Health Programme.

Despite its scientific and neutral-sounding title, the GCMHP has shown itself repeatedly (see p38 onwards) to be an NGO with political motivations and is involved with the BDS movement. In evidence he gave to the Goldstone Panel in 2009, Sarraj said:

“The Palestinian in the eyes of the Israeli soldier is not an equal human being. Sometimes this Palestinian even becomes a demon in their eyes. Therefore it is a state of demonization. This is unfortunately, uh, what can be seen in the behavior of the Israeli soldier not only killing children or fathers before…He is not dealt with as an equal human being. This is the base of everything and then there is the fact that there is no restraint, no discipline within the army and, uh, uh, even there’s an encouragement…Many Israelis need this and also the Palestinians because inside Israel there is an identification with the aggressor, the Nazi.”

Sarraj was also a member of the flotilla-organising, ISM-rooted Free Gaza Movement’s ‘Gaza Advisory Council’ – part of its Board of Advisors.

Hence, the Tweet below – sent on December 18th by Jeremy Bowen: the Middle East Editor tasked with being the gatekeeper of accurate and impartial Middle East reporting – does little to help the BBC’s reputation as an impartial body.

Bowen Sarraj tweet

5 comments on “Bowen tweet not helpful to the BBC’s reputation for impartiality

  1. Jezza seems pretty well incorrigible. He lets his heart rule his head. But sometimes I suspect he is not as au fait with the background of the Middle East’s men and affairs (to use the old-fashioned sexist phrase) as he might be.

  2. Al Sarraj was hardly professional and he was a Jew-hater He also is in writing as having once said: “I’ve asked myself: ‘Are they evil by nature, these Jews? Or are they stupid, born mentally subnormal? Why are they doing this?’ It’s unbelievable. And I found after long, long thinking about it that they are not born evil. And they are not stupid. They are psycho-pathologically disturbed.”

    Al Sarraj was also a patron of MIFTAH. Quelle surprise

  3. Andrew Marr this morning Geoffrey Bowden commented on the Persecution of Christians in Syria and other Arab countries,suddenly said,of course the Christians in Jerusalem are also suffering. He forgot to mention who is persecuting them leaving the impression to the mass of the audience it must be the Israellis.

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