Hamas in Jenin: pictures the BBC will not show

On December 18th 2013 the BBC News website published an article pertaining to a counter-terrorism operation in Jenin during which Nafe a-Sa’adi was killed when Israeli soldiers trying to make an arrest were attacked by a mob.

At the time we noted here that the BBC chose to place the term counter-terrorism in scare quotes both in the sub-heading and in the body of the report, suggesting to audiences that there was room for scepticism with regard to the nature and definition of the operation.

“A Palestinian man is killed and at least four wounded after Israeli troops launch a “counter terrorism” operation in the West Bank.”

“Israel said its forces opened fire after being attacked during “counter terrorism activity” in the camp.”

On January 26th a memorial event for Sa’adi was held in the Jenin refugee camp, with armed members of Hamas’ al Qassam brigades making a rare centre-stage appearance. Photographs from the event can be seen here and here.

Jenin 26 1 14

Jenin b 26 1 14

BBC audiences are of course highly unlikely to be shown such photographs or to be informed of the significance of publicJenin appearances by armed members of a terrorist organisation in a Palestinian Authority controlled region which lies within walking distance of the nearest Israeli communities.  

Instead, their ability to form an understanding of the security issues facing Israel – and hence also of any preventative actions taken – is shaped by an editorial policy based upon the patchy reporting of selected incidents (more often than not those involving fatalities) in isolation from the picture as a whole, the omission of any reporting on numerous other incidents and the promotion of a narrative which plays down the existence and scale of terrorism even through choice of language and punctuation.


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  1. The BBC has changed over the past few years. It has grown enormously in size and has become unmanagable – in the literal sense. Its management chaos has become a running (sick) joke.
    One effect of this is that activists are able to run the sections of the BBC which interest them with no editorial control.
    The Middle East reporting is the prime example. Internal Zionophobes are able to spout their views with no serious control, not even of facts.

  2. Congratulations to those keeping the record straight. Your fortitude , persistence and indefatigable energy and hope is an inspiration. I hope the information you provide has the effect of bringing closer scrutiny on the words and prevarications that are being peddled as unbiased , fair reporting.

  3. BBC is not God.

    They, like ALL news organization, cannot show each and every piece of information that may or may not be relevant to whatever degree. It is absolutely silly to expect it, but which this article clearly does.

    How many news organizations show the full horrors of war and conflict? The devastating injuries to children? (Read ‘All quiet on the Western Front’ to get an idea if you cannot stomach images on the web.) Does that make them all collaborators in the eyes of the article’s writer? Does Israeli TV show the carnage of the disgusting inhuman term of ‘collateral damage’ that Israel military ‘actions’ cause? Of course not. Are Israeli’s too sensitive to see this? No, It is simply there are just so many hours in a day to show news.

    Many people on the world have access to the internet and can access pretty much any news source they choose, so if they want more information they can find it. It is hypocritical to blame one news source for not presenting ALL pieces of information.

    • BBC is not God.

      Yes. But they feel that they are and that it is their duty to present a radical delusional extreme left wing view of the world camouflaged as ‘news’. It is not only the polemics of the presentation but also what is not ‘presented’ to give balance and a deeper understanding.

      Add to that that the articles are framed in such a way as to promote this radical delusional extreme left wing view of the world which is only held by a very very small tiny minority of UK taxpayers.

  4. If that’s the excuse to tell only one a sided version of a few of the facts and to cast aspersions on the limited version of the opposing case, it surely puts in doubt the credibility and professionalism of the news organization

  5. If Zionism is racism then by definition so is every other movement of national aspiration racist or is it only racist when it’s the Jewish aspiration to re establish the Jewish state in the original homeland of the Jewish people and where there has always been a Jewish presence. This cannot be said for the Arabs calling themselves Palestinian.

  6. The only people who have ever called this land their homeland are the JEWS . Every national movement is POlitical . The return to the original homeland of the Jews is what Zionism is. The Palestinians are Arabs some of whom happen to be living in the eternal homeland of the JEWS who always had a presence there. The ones who live under Israeli rule don’t want to go any where else. It’s only those living under the rule of HAMAS or the Palestinian Authority (you have heard of them?) who feel and are occupied. Their own rulers keep them penned up and under the heel.

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