BBC’s Kevin Connolly comes good on kibbutz caviar

With Radio 4 being one of the departments of the BBC which appears disturbingly frequently on these pages, we’ll file this one under SONY DSC‘credit where credit is due’.

The February 16th edition of the BBC Radio 4 programme Broadcasting House included an item by the BBC Jerusalem Bureau’s Kevin Connolly (available here from about 51:10) in which he travelled to Kibbutz Dan in the northern Galilee to report on its production of caviar – and managed to do so accurately and impartially.

Bon appetit! 


5 comments on “BBC’s Kevin Connolly comes good on kibbutz caviar

  1. Kibbutz Dan is renowned worldwide among Jewish fly fishing enthusiasts like Duvidl for its beautiful trout breeding and fishing lakes in co-operation with Kibbutz Dafna. Take a look at the wonderful Fly fishing Rabbi website to learn more about Jewish fly fishing and also Israel fishing holidays:

    As for beeboid Kevin, Duvidl has an angler’s sense that caviar is not his usual dish of preference and that a liquid lunch is enjoyed more habitually by him at licence fee payer’ expense in the bar of the five-star Jerusalem hotel most frequented by beeboid Isra-scrawlers. A verse:

    Kevin’s as kosher as the Pope;
    Food scribbling’s just his Jew-hate trope.
    He doesn’t eat much caviar,
    Preferring to lunch on Goldstar.

  2. Third verse:

    Booze-fuelled nights; drink-driven days.
    Kev’s safe; the TV taxpayer pays.
    His Jew-hate drunk-dance scrawled about.
    Dancing camel on midnight stout.

  3. Fourth verse:

    Midnight at Dan’s bar oasis.
    Once more Kevin is on the piss.
    No time to taste Kibbutz Dan trout.
    Just Dancing Camel Midnight Stout.

  4. Fifth verse:

    This caviar on Jews is burgeoning
    While on the tref stuff Kev is sturgeoning.
    Surely Israel will feel no pain;
    Export Kev with it to Ukraine.

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