Home truths on Palestinian water issues you haven’t heard from the BBC

Readers will no doubt recall that last month the BBC News website elected to amplify the president of the European parliament’s unfortunate promotion of the Palestinian Authority’s water-related propaganda during a speech made in the Knesset. 

As has been the case in past reports relating to the same subject, no satisfactory attempt was made to provide BBC audiences with concrete information on the much politicised topic of water but the article did promote six-year-old unsourced figures supplied by a politically motivated NGO.

Recently the Times of Israel published a piece written by Professor Haim Gvirtzman who, in addition to being a professor of hydrology at the Institute of Earth Sciences at the Hebrew University, is also an advisor to the Israel-PA Joint Water Committee. Professor Gvirtzman reveals some home truths not only about the water situation in the PA-controlled areas, but also in the Gaza Strip and in the wider region and his article is well worth reading in full.

It takes less than ten minutes to drive from the BBC Jerusalem Bureau’s offices to the campus where Professor Gvirtzman’s department is located. In other words, it would not be too much of a stretch – should the BBC choose to open that tap of information for its audiences – for one of that bureau’s correspondents to produce some accurate and impartial background reading on the topic rather than opting for the continued promotion of politically motivated myths.

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  1. Meanwhile, as the 2016 re-evaluation of the BBC’s Royal Charter looms, City A.M. newspaper reports this morning that the BBC is calling for an inflation link to its annual £145.50 licence fee (BBC TV tax) funding.

    This idea is, presumably, an endgame stratagem attempting to deflect the current Parliamentary assault on the legitimacy of the corrupted BBC being permitted to charge a criminal law-enforced licence fee at all. All players know that if the licence fee TV tax falls, so will the BBC. Roll on the day:


    • NB. Watch this:


      on scrapping the licence fee BBC TV tax

      plus this:

      “Saba Dennis

      March 10, 2014 @ 6:41 am

      Voluntary? 70 people were jailed in 2012 for non-payment. 12% of cases in magistrates courts were due to non-payment.



      March 10, 2014 @ 7:02 am

      That the troll/sockpuppet claims that the TV Licence is “entirely voluntary” shows just how well informed he/she/it really is.”

      • And I quote: “Palestinians refuse to build sea water desalination plant”?!

        You must have no idea how hard it is, or expensive, to get the imports into Gaza, what with an illegal blockade in place. Every thought of that?

        It’s time you sourced something from an INDEPENDENT source, not a pro-Israeli strategic think-tank, my friend.

          • Good to see you engaging with the points at hand – one of your strengths, I can see from previous interaction with that other ‘soxy puppet’….

            Keep up the relaxing by the Spanish pool!

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