Protest by Middle East Christians not on the BBC radar

On March 23rd a demonstration took place outside the offices of the EU mission in Ramat Gan, central Israel.  Organized by Israeli Christians, the protest urged the EU to take a more proactive stance regarding the plight of Christians throughout the Middle East. The head of the EU delegation was invited by letter, along with other ambassadors, to take part in the demonstration.Nazareth

“Shadi Halul, spokesman of the Christian Lobby (CL) which organized the protest, stated: “We have witnessed in the past how the world was silent as six million Jews were slaughtered. Here in Israel, where we are enabled freedom of worship, protection and a normal life, we have decide to cry out and call on the European Union to safeguard human rights in Israel and throughout the world. Become active, do not repeat past mistakes. We constantly receive reports from our Christian brethren throughout the Middle East imploring that they be helped, envious of our status as Israeli citizens.”

Last week the Christian Lobby sent a letter to the EU Ambassador in Israel and 18 other western Ambassadors protesting their inactions. “We, the members of the Christian Lobby in Israel, found it appropriate to turn to you and cry out about the human and citizens’ rights condition of our Christian brothers across the Middle East. The slaughter, persecution, discrimination, apartheid, the ethnic cleansing, and all the crimes committed against the Indigenous Aramaic & Christians of the Middle East, in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Gaza, Lebanon and the Palestinian Authority, among others, and continue to be committed without any intervention of the Western countries,” the letter states.”

No mention of this initiative by Middle East Christians appeared on the Middle East page of the BBC News website.

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  1. The reason why Israelis boycotted on ALL matters,political,media,economics etc. is because the world wants tomake pressures in order togive Israel’s territory to arabs even at the cost of destroying Israel by DELEGITIMATION. So far nothing new but the reason why the world seems bent on delegitimating Israel is because the israeli government is the first to delegitimate its own nation by NOT defending its rights stating San Remo,Sevres treaty,art.80 of un’s chart etc. as netanyahou and its predecessors seem bent on negociating Israel’s rights and this NO ONE says. The israeli government is the first to delegitimate Israel and should not be surprised others follow suit!!! This will continue as long as Israel will keep negociating its rights instead of defending them.

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