BBC One serves up BDS at Breakfast

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It is not unusual to see Hollywood actors appearing on television shows as part of the promotion of their latest film and so the March 26th interview with Samuel L. Jackson and Scarlett Johansson on BBC One’s ‘Breakfast’ was unremarkable – until presenter Louise Minchin decided to re-route the hitherto light-hearted chat by throwing in some out-of-context global politics. BBC One Breakfast

The interview can be viewed here for a limited period of time.

At 4:42 Minchin asks Johansson:

“And just on a serious note before we go on – and I know you’ve got to go – with regards to what happened with SodaStream; will it change your view on what you choose to do – the way you make choices – in the future?”

After the interview ended, audiences were informed by Minchin (not shown in the above clip) that SodaStream has a factory in a ‘Jewish settlement’ in the ‘occupied territories’.

In other words, the BBC’s amplification of the PR of the anti-peace BDS campaign continues – even with your cornflakes.

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10 comments on “BBC One serves up BDS at Breakfast

  1. It’s the insidious, constant drip, drip of BBC opinion that filters its coverage of everything, but especially the IPal conflict.

    • Sodastream does have a factory in an Israeli settlement built in the territory of Palestine in violation of international law. This settlement is considered illegal. In 2004, the international court of justice confirmed that all Israeli settlements in the Palestinian territory are illegal.

      • It is illegal, under international law, to forcibly settle people in conquered territory–no one is being forcibly settled anywhere. SodaStream also has a factory in China. Are they occupying China? Should we pass a hat for the Chinese workers, oppressed by SodaStream?
        When you lose a war, you lose land. Ask the Germans. The Palestinians have lost every war, and the land is Israel’s. Only through negotiations with Israelis will they win even an inch of territory.

  2. For goodness sake, who is that BBC woman? Standard brain-damaged bias aside, how on earth does she get a job like that with such poor voice projection and enunciation?

    Well, I guess the most important thing is to prove your bias first, then you can get the job whether or not you have any talent for it.

    • Israeli settlements in the Palestinian territory are illegal under international law.

  3. I would like to make a small donation to several European Nazi parties in the BBC’s name. Nothing too too ostentatious because, well, they’re British.

    • Not all settlements are residential. Some are industrial. They are illegal all the same. All of Israel’s settlements in the territory of next door Palestine are illegal,regardless of their use.

  4. I guess SodaStream’s factory in China is oppressive, too, even though they are careful to observe much higher labor and environmental standards than other factories in China, including some run by US and UK companies. (SodaStream must be very careful, since they are always under extra scrutiny thanks to anti-Israel bias in much of the Western, not to mention Arab, media). Do you really think the Palestinians would be better off if SodaStream shut down its factory which employs many Palestinians and treats and pays them much better than Palestinian businesses do? See this piece, from a publication, the Christian Science Monitor, which is no friend of Israel’s:

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