BBC News interviewee’s antisemitic slur goes unchallenged

Here is a clip (apologies for the sound quality) from a programme broadcast on the BBC News channel in the early hours (UK time) of April 2nd 2014 and sent to us via a reader. 

The identity of the interviewee apparently discussing the Palestinian Authority’s recent application to join assorted UN agencies is unknown to us – if readers recognise him, please tell us in the comments below – but his unchallenged employment of an antisemitic slur is notable.

“One thing which struck me when I used to work in Washington – when I used to work in Congress – is just how influential the Israeli lobby is. Now we all know that – how influential AIPAC is: a role model for lobbying and taking control of a foreign government effectively in terms of the US.”

Notably, the programme’s presenters have no comment to make regarding the claim that an American pro-Israel organisation has “effectively” taken “control” of a “foreign government” other than the female host’s “alright”.

BBC News channel April 2 2014 

The EUMC working definition of antisemitism includes the following:

“Making mendacious, dehumanizing, demonizing, or stereotypical allegations about Jews as such or the power of Jews as collective — such as, especially but not exclusively, the myth about a world Jewish conspiracy or of Jews controlling the media, economy, government or other societal institutions.”

Obviously BBC News presenters remain in dire need of a refresher course on anti-Jewish racism if the BBC is to avoid being party to the propagation of antisemtic slurs. 



12 comments on “BBC News interviewee’s antisemitic slur goes unchallenged

  1. Could it be him> “Saeed, a former spokesman for the Muslim Association of Britain (a front-group for …. By Alan | April 2, 2014 | BBC bias.(blog)”? Have searched iplayer but can’t find the news programme.

  2. I saw this!
    It was aired at 6:45 am (I think it was Wednesday April 2nd) on BBC News 24 after World Business Report with Sally Bundock. It was the newspaper review.

    This unnamed person also remarked that hisTwitter feed would be red hot as it usually is whenever he says anything about the Middle East.

    At the end of his stint Sally Bundock thanked him by name. I thought it sounded like Al Kish or El Kirsch.
    I searched in vain for hours because I wanted to blog it myself. I’d like to know who he is.

  3. “if the BBC is to avoid being party to the propagation of antisemtic slurs” –

    avoid being party to it??!!
    That ship sailed decades ago.
    The BBC has been at the forefront of active propagation of antisemitism for 30 years..

    • Ha! You’re quite right, it is Alpesh Patel. Sally Bundock said “Thank you Alpesh”. (I misheard it as Al Kish)
      Anyway. His Twitter feed didn’t go crazy. Just one “ Always enjoy your BBC newspaper reviews. Long may they continue. I’m sure you have a media career awaiting should you ever wish.” from “Mark Snow” and one “well said on Palestine” from “Peter Campbell@Peteastlondon, and a “may thanks indeed” from Mr. Patel.

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