BBC Arabic interview with former Arafat bodyguard

Courtesy of the indispensable MEMRI, non-Arabic speaking readers can now view a portion of an interview with Muhammad Al-Daya – formerly the bodyguard of Yasser Arafat – which appeared on BBC Arabic on April 3rd.

A transcript is also available here.

Seeing as it isn’t that long ago since former Jerusalem Bureau correspondent Jon Donnison was doing terrorist chic with the promotion of “Arafat’s legacy” to the BBC’s English-speaking audiences, it would of course be appropriate for the corporation to make this interview available to audiences outside the limited sphere of BBC Arabic.


3 comments on “BBC Arabic interview with former Arafat bodyguard

  1. Accuracy and impartiality demands “Arafat bodyguard” be re-translated as “gangster murderer’s head henchman murderer.”

  2. “Once again, no attempt is made to explain to BBC audiences the significance and implications of the Palestinian demand for the release of prisoners who are Israeli citizens.”

    Yes but the BBC would then have to explain how the Palestinian people was scattered between Palestinian citizens of Israel (‘Israeli Arabs’), Palestinians living in the State of Palestine, Palestinians living in refugee camps and the Palestinian diaspora, in 1948, following the creation of the State of Israel in part of Mandate Palestine. Might end up being too long for an article.

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