A Middle East reality show winner who doesn’t interest the BBC

If readers have formed the impression that the BBC has an extraordinary interest in Middle East reality TV shows, that is probably the result of the fact that in the past year, the BBC News website has covered the Israeli version of ‘The Voice’, the ‘Miss Israel’ beauty contest, the 2013 ‘Arab Idol’ competition (in no fewer than seven reports!), a Palestinian TV show called ‘The President’ (two reports) and the Israeli version of ‘X-Factor’.Nof

To date, however, there has been no BBC report on Dr Nof Atamna-Ismaeel’s recent win of the Israeli version of MasterChef.

One might have perhaps thought that an Arab-Israeli woman with three children, a PhD in microbiology from the Technion and no fewer than four post-doctoral degrees could open the door to a somewhat different view of the region than that to which BBC audiences are usually exposed. In the meantime, however, that door remains closed. 


8 comments on “A Middle East reality show winner who doesn’t interest the BBC

  1. Will CIF Watch write a story each time an Arab, an indian an or a Pakistani wins a TV reality show in the UK?

    • Do try to pay attention sockpuppet!

      This is BBCWatch not Cif Watch.

      Why don’t you go back to Mondoweiss, or whatever stone you crawled out from under?

      • BBC Watch and CIF Watch are one and the same, they are both operated by the same two people who, from what we understand, are retirees spending their free time reading the guardian and watching the BBC.

  2. In addition to everything else you mention, you would have thought her motivation for entering would be of great interest to the “promoters of peace” at the Beeb: She wants to start a school of Arab and Jewish cooking, where she can help promote coexistence, and she thought that entering this competition would raise her profile enough to get that off the ground.

    • Does she have relatives living in the Palestinian territory or in refugee camps in the region? Many families were split in 1948.

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