BBC silent on holiday terror attacks in southern Israel

On the morning of April 21st, as the last day of Pessah was being celebrated in Israel, missiles were fired from the Gaza Strip at communities in the vicinity of the border in several consecutive incidents.

In all, seven missiles landed inside Israeli territory, with two of them landing in Sderot but thankfully not causing any injuries and only light damage. The attacks were later claimed by the Yahya Ayyash Brigades.

In addition, on the same morning an RPG was fired at Israeli soldiers patrolling the border fence and the evening before had seen an improvised explosive device activated against another IDF patrol on the southern part of the border with the Gaza Strip.

Later in the day the Israeli Air Force responded by targeting terror-related sites in the Gaza Strip.

Here is how the Middle East page of the BBC News website looked in the late afternoon of Monday, April 21st.

Mon aft hp

Here is how it looked on the morning of Tuesday, April 22nd.

Tues morn hp

In other words, the firing of seven potentially lethal missiles in a matter of hours at civilians celebrating a holiday was deemed not newsworthy by the BBC.



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  1. Rockets have been launched from Gaza towards Israel for years now, and happily most of them were intercepted by the Israeli Iron Dome. It is no longer considered hard news, unless there is a major increase in violence. Same goes with the Syrian civil war: the death of Syrian civilians is no longer considered worthy of headlines, unless there is a significant escalation in conflict.

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