BBC World Service promotes inaccurate information on Twitter

On the morning of July 3rd 2014 the Hamas-linked Palestinian media agency Alray reported that ten people in the Gaza Strip had been injured after the Israeli air-force responded to ongoing intense missile fire launched by terrorist groups against Israeli civilians in communities in surrounding regions.

“Israeli warplanes raided several places in the Gaza Strip early Thursday injuring ten civilians, including an elderly and a young woman.

Spokesperson of Ministry of Health Ashraf al-Qedra said in a statement that five citizens were injured after Israeli warplanes bombed a farmland in Beit Lahia in the northern Gaza and three youngsters after bombing the site of “Safina” north-west of Gaza City.” 

The Kuwait News Agency reported likewise on ten injured people, as did  the Iranian regime’s Press TV and even the Hamas-supporting International Solidarity Movement.

The BBC News website also noted on the morning of July 3rd that:

 “Ashraf al-Qidra, from Gaza’s ministry of health, told the BBC that 10 Palestinians were injured in the air strikes and taken to hospital.”

The BBC World Service’s ‘Newsday’, however, elected to promote a different version of events to its 115 thousand followers on Twitter.

BBC WS Tweet airstrikes

Clearly the BBC World Service is in need of a swift reminder that editorial guidelines on accuracy and impartiality also apply to social media. Obviously too, a prominent and public correction needs to be made. 


The BBC World Service Twitter account has now posted a correction to that Tweet.

BBC WS corrected tweet

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28 comments on “BBC World Service promotes inaccurate information on Twitter

  1. Lets understand- As long as the BBC refuses to publish the Malcolm Balen report-
    We will always be aware of its one sided , bias agenda. It will never alter as long as all those “Left Wing” Editors, controllers and journalists never have to answer to anyone.
    The reason is quite simple in my mind- In 1952 Israel sought and accepted the assistance of the United States of America. The Soviet Union , after being the one who assisted Israel in its war of independence, whilst the US and UK placed an embargo on all military hardware, hoped that Israel would be the satellite it needed in the Middle East. Hence the “Left” has never forgiven Israel . Thus it has supported every anti-Israeli motion and every country that apposes the Jewish state.

    • Only words, eh? You sound like a well educated chap. So Israelis are racists is ok… Only words after all 😉

      • I am sure some Israelis are racist but all Islamic followers are and thats the difference.
        1.5 million Israeli Arabs- What did Abbas say- In a future Palestinian state there will be NO Jews! Thats racist.

    • So you DO agree with those worthless despicable individuals posing in the photo….

      speaks volumes.

      • Actually I DO NOT (loud enough for you?) agree with ANY manifestation of hatred, racism or incitement directed at Arabs, nor have I ever said I do.

        But don’t let what I actually write change your mind, always assuming you have something resembling one.

        Best regards to your other alter egos, res242!

        • I don’t think anyone on here believes what you say on here, as you chop and change to suit your blind allegiance to pro-israeli propaganda.

          You’ve never once explained how to resolve the political situation, without resorting to crass stereotypes such as ‘show me how Palestinians truely want peace’ and then subsequently quoting a cherry picked right wing nut job as a ‘valid’ counter example as proof that all palestinians are jew hating animals unable to determine their own destiny…

          Again, from your lovely pool in sunny Spain, answer: how would you resolve, justly, the humanitarian crisis in gaza/westbank?

          • I’ve told you before, when you posted under a variety of other names, it’s not up to me to suggest a way to achieve peace. This blog is about BBC bias.

            Why don’t you explain how to resolve the political situation?

            Don’t be shy…

    • True to form.!!

      Any human rights organisations you’d care to quote? You know, those impartial independent people who dedicate their time to documenting Israel war crimes?

      • I’ll leave accusations of”war crimes” to you. I’ll just limit myself to drawing attention to what the BBC won’t tell us.

        • Don’t leave it to me – I don’t decide these things after all. Why don’t we both leave it to Human Rights Watch, an independent NGO operating in the area.

          Oh , wait a second….we already did. And guess what their opinion was….

          Any ideas?

          • We certainly did ask for it, and will continue to do so. Good for you that you’ve managed to find a (secondary! Why not go the whole hog and get a primary-) source at least that purports to come from an independent organisation.

            However, as ever, we all need to keep a watchful eye on this, as the following demonstrates:

            “Yet, on the other hand, “Human Rights Watch has long criticized Palestinian rocket attacks against Israeli civilians – most recently, in a public letter to Hamas on November 20 ( The rockets are highly inaccurate, and those launching them cannot accurately target military objects. Deliberately firing indiscriminate weapons into civilian populated areas, as a matter of policy, constitutes a war crime”.

            Nevertheless by the following day, in the lengthy “Q&A: Hostilities between Israel and Hamas” Hamas leaders were no longer being led to a war crimes tribunal in HRW chains. Confronted with evidence too overwhelming to ignore that Israel was deliberately firing much greater quantities of precision-guided weapons not only into civilian-populated areas, but directly at the civilian population and to much greater effect, HRW was confronted with a stark choice: accuse Israel of war crimes, or change Hamas’s rap sheet. It prudently opted for the latter, accusing Israel only of “indiscriminate attacks in violation of the laws of war”.

            For the rest of the conflict, Hamas was able to “deliberately fire indiscriminate weapons into civilian populated areas, as a matter of policy”, with total impunity, not once being denounced by HRW for committing war crimes. Too clever by half, Roth apparently believed no one would notice this sudden about-face.”


            Acts on BOTH sides are despicable.

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