Twenty-three seconds of BBC reporting on Gaza tunnels

Yesterday we noted here that the BBC has so far failed to provide audiences with anything even approaching a proper explanation of Hamas’ tunnel networks in the Gaza Strip and why those tunnels are the main reason behind the current ground operation phase of Operation Protective Shield.Doucet Hamas defiant filmed 19 7

After that post was published, we were reassured by the BBC’s Lyse Doucet in a Tweet which for some reason is now unavailable that her next report would be addressing that subject.

That report for BBC television news programmes also appeared on the BBC News website’s Middle East page on the evening of July 19th under the title “Hamas ‘defiant’ as Gaza casualty toll rises“.

A grand total of twenty-three seconds of coverage of the subject of tunnels opens the report. [emphasis added]

Doucet: “This is what Israel says it’s targeting now: tunnels used by Hamas for cross-border raids. This Hamas video shows their men armed with rocket-propelled grenades. Israel says its ground operations have uncovered more than a dozen tunnels and thwarted two attempts at infiltration.”

The report then cuts to an image taken from another Hamas propaganda video, with Doucet saying:

“But Hamas is still sending a defiant message. They’re preparing for the long run.”

What form that “defiant message” actually takes is not clarified to BBC audiences by Doucet. Here is the video used in the BBC report which, as readers can see for themselves, includes a threat to send “youth” with hand grenades to attack Israeli soldiers.

Doucet Hamas defiant orig vid

Doucet then continues:

“And yet again civilians are on the front line, fleeing their homes under artillery and tank fire. Today at this UN shelter some families gave a new reason: IDF control. We’ve been told Israeli soldiers are now taking over homes close to the border. The army denies it.”

Doucet refrains from informing BBC audiences of the fact that the entrances to some of Hamas’ tunnels are often located in houses, which are sometimes booby-trapped – as shown in the video below.

Doucet goes on:

“The number in need keeps rising. At the UN’s warehouses in Gaza they’re struggling to keep up.”

Robert Turner, UNWRA Director: “We only had stock for about 35 thousand people. We’ve gone through 50 thousand today. Ah…we’ll start running out of supplies tomorrow.”

Doucet: “And what does that mean?”

Turner: “Well the first thing we’re gonna run out of is matresses…ahm….so people arriving at the schools are gonna be sleeping on the concrete.”

Notably, Doucet did not take the opportunity to ask UNWRA’s director about the circumstances surrounding the discovery of missiles in one of that organisation’s schools a couple of days previously; news of which the BBC buried in the eighth paragraph of one online article. Neither did she enquire to which “Gaza authorities” that UN organization handed over those missiles – a question particularly relevant in light of the fact that it has now been suggested that they were handed over to Hamas.  And the opportunity to ask about the possible use of other UN facilities by terrorists (as shown, for example, in this video from 2009 ) was also passed up by Lyse Doucet.

Doucet concludes:

“This crisis is concentrating minds around the world for an urgent ceasefire. The growing human cost of this war is pushing more mediators to come to this region. But as pressure grows for a ceasefire, both sides know that the time to achieve their military objectives is running out and so that means that for the moment, the humanitarian crisis may only get worse.”

No attempt is made by Doucet to remind viewers that not only were considerable efforts made by Israel to avoid this confrontation in the first place, but also that after it had already begun the opportunity for a ceasefire was rejected by Hamas, meaning that a conflict – and the resulting human cost – which could have ended five days ago continues at Hamas’ behest.

Genuinely impartial reporting on the current humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip would of course make that all-important point of context clear. 






8 comments on “Twenty-three seconds of BBC reporting on Gaza tunnels

  1. And of course, never mentioned, is what Hamas by it’s own admission would do the Israel and the Jews if given the chance. In the meantime, while Hamas policy is bringing death and destruction once again, the Hamas leadership is living in luxury in Doha, Qatar.

  2. Isaiah 58 tells us is this not the fast we choose to break the bonds of wickedness to undo the heavy burdens and let the oppressed go free! Time for Israel to declare a fast and seek the God of Abraham to intervene on their behal. It is widely believed Britain only won the Battle of Britain because the then king George declared a day of prayer from the nation. Prayers are with you Israel!

  3. The BBC must be congratulated by the Muslim world for their totally biased reporting on both sides of the Israel Gaza border and their anchor. First of all they mentioned that firing had resumed but made no mention that Hamas broke the cease fire!

    Then we watch the usual hate Israel diatribe from Yollande Knell sprouting Hamas propaganda that even Al Jazeera has disputed. No doubt she would be awarded the Goebbels prize for “Jew Hater of the Year” although she might have to share it with Paul Adams who compares Israel to the Nazis!

    Obviously the BBC, which after all is financed by the British Taxpayers who prefer to hate Jews rather than those who committed the Locherbie atrocity, the heinous attack on London’s trains and buses and who carried out the brutal killing of Drummer Lee Rigby, all in the name of Islam, will do anything to appease Britain’s Arab masters who have bought everything from Harrods to Emirates Old Trafford! The BBC’s Jew Hating policy is so warped in that they differentiate between attempted killing of Israels by hundreds of rockets and sophisticated Russian and Iran made missiles and Israel’s use of some heavy weapons, without which, Israel would be at the mercy of this evil enemy called Hamas!

    Its very upsetting for the BBC that only a few Jews have been killed. Based on previous BBC reports in other Arab/Israel conflicts, many of the Arab dead seem to be miraculous resurrected only to die another day! One might wonder how much ketchup has been used at the Hamasian hospitals to further the hate Israel Campaign and other “objective” British media.

    What is very sad is that the BBC is so occupied with vilifying Israel they have closed their eyes to the carnage and atrocities committed in Syria by the Assad Regime and the Al Qaeda linksed “Rebels” ably assisted by BRITISH Jihadis! The alleged “400” dead or maybe dead in 13 days of the Gaza Operation, is much less than the daily kill quota in Syria and Iraq.

    Such is the BBC!

  4. Ah the BBC and its sins of omission as well as commission.
    No-one on earth is subjected to the BBC’s manufactured selective moral outrage that Israel has to put up with.

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