BBC Breakfast’s Jenny Hill enables PSC antisemitism washing

Has the Western media’s chosen focus and style of coverage of the hostilities in Israel and the Gaza Strip contributed to the spike in recent antisemitic incidents in Europe in general and the UK in particular? That question could probably keep several doctoral students busy for quite some time, along with the equally relevant question of whether or not events in the Middle East actually foster antisemitism or if in fact racist reactions to those events are really the product of pre-existing antisemitic attitudes.

Here is a report produced by Jenny Hill of BBC Breakfast News on August 7th – “Gaza conflict: UK police record rise in anti-Semitism” – which edges audiences towards the view that it is the events themselves which cause antisemitism. Hill opens:Jenny Hill 7 8

“So many deaths. So much misery. A conflict whose consequences are felt worldwide.”

The item then cuts to an interview with the CST’s Mark Gardner, followed by other interviews with members of the Jewish community and then footage from a London demonstration with a speaker almost screaming:

“The death toll is increasing. It’s over sixteen hundred now. Most of them are young children.”

That latter claim is obviously not true but nevertheless, whoever edited this report elected to include it anyway and Hill follows that section of footage by saying:

“Of course there is tension.”

Her closing words clarify the message further:

“For now, difficult questions: how to stop what’s been described as an endless cycle of suffering. How to calm the hatred it engenders.”

Remarkable too is the fact that the report includes an interview with Hugh Lanning of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign – one of the organisers of several demonstrations in the UK during the last few weeks. Lanning says:

“We’re very clear that…err… antisemitism or any form of racism isn’t tolerated on any of our protests and actually be a distraction from the main purpose. Our opposition is to what the Israeli government with the support of the US and the UK government is doing and that’s where we want the focus to be.”

Leaving aside the issue that the PSC’s logo itself eradicates the one and only Jewish state from the map, the fact that the BBC provides Lanning with an unchallenged platform from which to airbrush the antisemitism which has been seen (not for the first time by any stretch of the imagination) at three London demonstrations it helped organise which took place prior to this interview is obviously a problem.

The picture below was taken by Richard Millett at the July 11th demonstration organized, inter alia, by the PSC.

London demo 11 7

These photographs were taken at the demonstration organized by the PSC and others on July 19th in London by Michael Ezra – see more on his Twitter feed here.

London demo 19 7

London demo 19 7 b

London demo 19 7 c

The PSC and fellow travellers also organized another demonstration in London on July 26th and these pictures were taken by Michael Ezra at that event.

London demo 26 7 a

London demo 26 7 b

London demo 26 7 c

And yet, Jenny Hill – who of course works for an organization committed to editorial standards of accuracy – saw no reason to challenge the obvious falsehoods promoted by Lanning and even provided them with backwind and the BBC’s stamp of reliability.

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  1. Will the bbc be made to answear for this biased, onesided and missleading reporting. I have counted over 65 reports by yourselves on this scandalous reporting . This false reporting is going to cause the death of people worldwide.

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  2. And yet, despite the many examples of anti-Israel or pro-Palestinian bias in BBC broadcasts highlighted by BBC Watch over many weeks/months, the march in London on Saturday 9th August started at the BBC HQ apparently because it was felt by the organisers of the demonstration that the corporation was far too biased towards Israel. Go figure.

  3. This reply has been forwarded to the Editors of the TIMES and TELEGRAPH. Please circulate it here and abroad, your MPs, and those who swallow whole the jaundiced propaganda of the GUARDIAN, the INDEPENDENT,and the BBC. Please do likewise.
    For those who don’t know, Jon Snow is the anchorman for Channel 4’s flagship news programme. A normally highly respected journalist,

    Dear Jon Snow

    I watched your recent report from Shifa Hospital, as well as the additional piece on your return from Gaza with great interest.
    As you rightly say to viewers “we have to know that in some way we actually share some responsibility for those deaths”. And let me say that I “did choose to watch” and I am indeed “motivated to do something”. That something is this…

    Jon Snow, I accuse you of being complicit in the wilful and reckless endangerment and death of these same children and other innocents in Gaza.
    I accuse you of aiding and abetting Hamas in their diabolical plan to manipulate world opinion by ruthlessly engineering the maximum possible death toll among their own civilian population, especially their children.
    I accuse you of wilful negligence, professional misconduct, and abject failure to report the facts as they truly are.

    Yes Jon, I watched your macabre, heart wrenching “infomercial” / “propaganda film”, which might have been written by Hamas itself.
    I can’t say as I am that surprised, as I remember how you described Hamas rockets in the past as “nothing more than fireworks, pretty harmless really”.
    Well Jon, let us examine the facts as they truly are…

    Four days ago, one of your harmless fireworks managed to kill 4 Israelis and wound 9. Last week your harmless fireworks killed a 32gxf year old father and wounded his whole family, leaving his three month old baby daughter fighting for her life and her four year old brother with serious shrapnel wounds. Your harmless fireworks also injured two sisters, one of ten years old currently fighting for her life in hospital and her thirteen year old sister wounded but recovering. That same harmless firework also injured an 81 year old disabled man.
    Perhaps the saddest and most ironic examples of your harmless fireworks in action are two of many Hamas and Islamic Jihad rockets which misfired, one which hit the Shifa hospital killing 16 and the other hitting a playground in the Shati refugee camp killing 10 children.
    Indeed one of your colleagues, an Italian journalist has confirmed that it was a misfired Hamas mortar shell which hit the UN school killing another 17 and injuring countless others.

    As an experienced reporter who wants his reports “to mean something”, surely they can only do so if they are honest, non-partisan and factual. In your report you purposely omitted key facts concerning the plight of innocents in Gaza and failed to provide important information which could put the desperate situation of these poor and unfortunate people into proper context.
    You neglected to mention that Hamas and other terrorist groups have fired over 3000 rockets into Israel in an attempt to kill as many innocent women and children as possible.
    You scoff at Israel’s “American funded” Iron Dome missile defence system and almost lamented at its success in protecting Israeli innocents. For the record, the Iron Dome anti-missile system came about through a combination of Israeli creativity, Israeli expertise, Israeli technical excellence and a desperate need and determination to protect Israeli citizens, Jews, Muslims, Christians and all; from harm.
    In addition to the Iron Dome, the main reason that there have been so few Israeli casualties from these “harmless fireworks” is that currently, under fire from Hamas, around 3,000,000 Israelis are living in underground bunkers or reinforced concrete safe rooms. As figures go, that is equivalent to over 20 million people in the UK living in bunkers as they are bombarded by rockets day and night over a three week period. That would equate to the whole population of London and the South East of England hiding in fear from rocket fire. Indeed as you are well aware, since 2001 there have been over 15,000 rockets fired into Israel from Gaza.

    Talking of figures, as you mentioned the US funding of Iron Dome, I fear you neglected to mention the billions in US, UN and European funds donated to the Palestinians in Gaza, which were not used as intended, to build schools and hospitals and create jobs, but rather were added to the considerable funding from Iran, Qatar and others in order to purchase and manufacture rockets as well as other weapons; and to build a massive underground terror infrastructure.
    You also neglected to mention that the concrete, cement and steel allowed into Gaza by the Israelis under great pressure from the international community were not in fact used to build and improve the lives of ordinary Gazans, but were in actual fact used to build, underground bunkers for the storage and manufacture of rockets and weapons along with apparently hundreds of kilometres of terror tunnels for the purpose of infiltrating Israel in order to kill Israeli civilians and in times of conflict, hide and protect Hamas fighters and leaders.
    You neglected to question that surely if Hamas wanted to shield its women and children from the fighting, just as Israel does; Hamas could indeed provide refuge for its civilians in the vast array of underground bunkers and tunnels. Such safety however appears to be available solely to Hamas leaders and fighters and importantly its weapons.

    Come to think of it Jon, as you were reporting from Shifa Hospital, you might have thought to walk downstairs into the basement of the hospital to question the leaders of Hamas who have established their command centre under the hospital and who hide safely underground while ensuring their children and civilian population are as exposed as possible.
    You neglected to mention the three UN schools in which, by the UN’s own admission, rockets have been stored or the fact that throughout the conflict rockets have been stored and fired from a selection of homes, schools, mosques and other civilian locations, in fact wherever Hamas could guarantee a civilian presence and consequently civilian casualties, apparently illegal under international law.
    When the Doctor you interviewed from Shifa asked “where are the human rights” and made his desperate call for an immediate ceasefire, you neglected to mention that five ceasefires have thus far been proposed, where Israel agreed to all of them, but Hamas steadfastly refused, including two humanitarian ceasefires broken by Hamas and today’s humanitarian ceasefire which Hamas exploited in order to kidnap an Israeli soldier, killing another two in the process.
    You might also have asked why, in the full knowledge that there will be an aggressive response, Hamas continues to provoke Israel by firing rockets and attacking Israelis through its terror tunnels.
    When the brave Norwegian doctor complained that the “siege” has led to a shortage of medical supplies and medicines, you neglected to point out that there have been ample funds donated to Gaza for those very things, but that the money was misappropriated by Hamas to fund rockets and weapons. Indeed you had the opportunity to escort the good doctor down into the basement of his Hospital to confront the leaders of Hamas and ask for the money back. Just think Jon, such a confrontation would have made “great television”.

    Jon, you are a highly experienced journalist with twenty five years at the helm of Channel 4’s flagship news broadcast. It is for that very reason that I hold you responsible.
    There is no doubt you know what you are doing. You understand that the most powerful weapon Hamas has is not its rockets or its drones, rather international journalists and people with influence, like you.
    You know all too well that the greatest strategic asset Hamas has is the certainty that if they “supply the bodies” you will “put them to work”. It is in that certain knowledge of your willingness to cooperate, with no questions asked; that Hamas sets about engineering the death and destruction of as many Palestinian innocents as possible.

    For Hamas, you Jon Snow, along with Palestinian women and children willingly “martyred”; are its very own “Iron Dome”. You are the means by which Hamas can feel protected and ensure its own survival. Hamas understands all too well that you will overlook their tyrannical rule of Gaza. Hamas leaders know that you will ignore the fact that they steal the billions donated to the people of Gaza in order fund weapons, build a terror infrastructure and in the process make themselves rich.
    Hamas understands that you will take their message to the people of the world and truth be damned.

    I accuse you of pandering to a murderous terrorist group and of complicity in their ruthless crimes against their own people. In doing so you actively encourage and perpetuate the suffering of the people of Gaza and deny Palestinian children an end to the carnage.

    Those people who watch your broadcasts, who genuinely wish to see an end to the conflict, an end to the suffering and a better future for the people of Gaza must recognise you for what you are… the worst kind of hypocrite as well as a disingenuous and dishonest “hack”, complicit in the continued, wilful endangerment, death and destruction of so many innocent men, women and especially children in Gaza.

    My accusations stand. J’accuse!

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  9. I watched Jon snow and was totally shocked with what he was saying His reporting was one sided he was Po Gaza …..I thought a reporter was surposed to be neutral and report facts not hearsay …..unfortunately I feel that some reporters have blood on their hands y
    Because of their actions Hamas used more and more human shields to get the publicity they needed …and I do not think that Jon snow should not be able to walk away from this …..this was worse then hacking this cost innocent lives

  10. Jon Snow and honest, reporting of THE FACTS are not bedfellows. Long gone are the days when you could listen to the news to find out the news; now you listen to the news to find out the personal opinion of the person who is on the screen.

    Talk about being indoctrinated…..BIG BROTHER is alive and well and walking amongst us…….

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  23. An entire piece now in an attempt to show that antisemitism is merely a figment of the Jew’s imagination:

    Is there a ‘rising tide’ of anti-Semitism in the West?

    … But while anti-Semitism is clearly a problem, is it correct to say that it is increasing?

    … While it’s difficult to see clear evidence of a broad upward trend in anti-Semitism, there’s still fear in some parts of the Jewish community.

    … So while the overall trends are harder to discern, the current nature and level of anti-Semitic incidents are enough to make some Jewish people feel afraid.

    More from the Magazine

    Hugh Schofield charts the development of satirist Dieudonne M’bala M’bala, who inspired the controversial quenelle gesture. He has been condemned on several occasions for anti-Semitic remarks, but denies he is anti-Semitic, saying his attacks on Israel are another matter and that anti-Zionism is a defensible political position.

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