Hamas denies firing missiles: BBC reports. Hamas claims missile fire: BBC silent

As readers are no doubt aware, terrorists in the Gaza Strip violated the ceasefire which was due to end at midnight on August 19th some eight and a half hours before it expired with missile fire at the city of Be’er Sheva. Around half an hour after that violation, Israel announced the renewal of strikes on terror infrastructure and targets in the Gaza Strip. By the time the truce’s designated expiry time arrived, around fifty missiles had been launched at civilian targets in Israel. So how did the BBC News website report those events?ceasefire break 19 8 article 1

About an hour after the first missiles had been fired an existing article on the BBC News website’s Middle East page – “Gaza ceasefire ‘extended by a day’ after Cairo talks” – was amended and the following information added:

“On Tuesday afternoon three rockets were fired into Israel from the Gaza Strip, landing in open areas in Beersheba, an IDF spokesperson told the BBC.

No-one was injured in the attack, which was the first instance of rocket fire in several days.”

It was not made clear to BBC audiences that this missile fire was a violation of a ceasefire agreement, nor was it pointed out that Hamas had also breached several previous ceasefires.

Very shortly after that article was amended, a new one appeared on the BBC News website under the title “Israel PM orders new Gaza strikes following rocket fire”. Typically, readers were informed of the last occurrence first.

“Israel’s prime minister has ordered its military to launch strikes on the Gaza Strip following fresh rocket fire from militants there, officials say.

One Israeli official said “terror sites” would be targeted “in response to Hamas’ violation of the truce”. “

That report underwent considerable changes in the hours after its publication with its later ‘last-first’ headlines being “Israel launches Gaza strikes following rocket fire” and “Gaza conflict: Israel launches strikes after rocket fire” before eventually arriving at the ambiguous “Gaza conflict: Truce ends amid fresh fighting“.ceasefire break 19 8 headline

At no point does the article clarify to readers in the BBC’s own words that terrorists in the Gaza Strip violated the ceasefire. Earlier versions of the article include the following statements regarding the missile fire into Israel:

2nd, 3rd and 4th versions:

“There was no immediate claim of responsibility from any of the Palestinian factions in Gaza, which is dominated by the Islamist movement Hamas.”

5th, 6th and 7th versions:

“There was no immediate claim of responsibility from any of the Palestinian factions in Gaza, which is dominated by the Islamist movement Hamas. Sami Abu Zuhri, a spokesman for the Islamist movement, told the BBC that it “had no idea or information about the firing of any rockets”.”

8th version:

“Hamas – the group that rules Gaza – denies firing the rockets.”End cf 19 8 art 2

From the ninth version onwards, the topic of responsibility for the missile fire disappears from the article completely. That fact is remarkable because around half an hour before the ninth version was published, Hamas did claim responsibility for the missile fire but – unlike its denials – that event was obviously not considered newsworthy by the BBC.

“11:42 P.M. Hamas’ military wing takes responsibility for the rocket fire on Israel and says it has launched a M75 missile as well, according the Palestinian Maan news agency.”

Now that does require some explaining.

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  1. I can tell you what the explanation is. It’s Britain’s dirty little secret: Semi state organisations like the BBC and state organisations like the passport office, the border force and even the judiciary are stuffed full of people with their own political agendas, typically leftist but not always. Sometimes they’re even fascists.

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  3. In gaza IKsrael is not fighting hamAss but the whole of europe with its corrupt politicians who want to INTIMIDATE both Israel and Jews with its anti-Zyonist and antisemit policies and manipulations and medias! I would say it is 1% hamAss and 99% european bloody corrupt politicians. In france I heard fillon the former sarkozy’s pm who was supposed a friend of Israel and was elected with Jewish and judeo-christians votes declared the gvt should send out…WEAPONS TO GAZA!!!!!!My reply is that Jews and their friends should ALL vote for the national front and SINK FOR EVER UMPS (ump and ps) and bring them to court for treason,corruption and hate incitement! They all belong to jail not to governments!

  4. Sorry but your reading of international law is quite bigoted and wrong. Moreover, even if a lot of people and organisations share your opinions, that doesn’t make them right. Finally, you also make the mistake of denying that the Palestinians have moral responsibility for their actions, which is in fact a form of racism.

    • Don’t waste your time trying to reason with the troll/sockpuppet, a look at the link from “Steveo” shows he really is the nasty piece of work that has been infesting and attempting to discredit this blog for months.

      His comparison of Israel with Nazis should tell you all you need to know.

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