BBC World News’ Dani Sinha to Israeli minister: ‘why are you killing innocent people?’

We have previously documented here some of the BBC News website’s efforts to distort chronology with regard to the events which brought an end to the ceasefire which was supposed to expire at midnight on August 19th but was violated by terrorists in the Gaza Strip some eight and a half hours beforehand. Those efforts are not however confined to the website.

Below is an interview with Israel’s Minister of the Economy on BBC World News on August 20th. Presenter Dani Sinha gave a taste of things to come in the following Tweet.

Tweet Dani Sinha

Of note are Sinha’s jaw-droppingly ignorant questions and her promotion of Hamas terminology.

“Why did you choose this particular time then, or this particular moment, to end the ceasefire? After all, there have been other occasions when Hamas have fired rockets.”

Even after having been told that it was Hamas which violated the truce, she continues to promote her own revisionist version of events.

“Some will though question the timing of course when you ended the ceasefire – or indeed whether you say Hamas ended this ceasefire – because of course it does coincide with your strike – the Israeli airstrike – on a top Hamas commander.”

In actual fact, the strike on the Al Dalou house took place at 21:59: six and a half hours after the truce had been violated by the firing of three missiles at the Be’er Sheva district and also after at least four additional barrages of missile and mortar fire at Netivot, Hof Ashkelon and communities near the Gaza Strip border.

Sinha’s next ‘question’ is as follows:

“Let’s talk about the people though who are being killed because whatever way you look at this there are an unequal number of casualties. More than two thousand Palestinians killed; mostly civilians. That’s against 66 Israelis; mostly military. Well the figures just don’t add up. Why are you killing innocent people?”

We next see what happens when a journalist with no military understanding tries to pretend otherwise.

“When the ceasefire actually started though, you said that you’d destroyed all you needed to destroy regarding the tunnels. Does this mean that your operation has now failed?”

“Why did the talks then fail in Cairo? Your delegation have now gone home.”

And then a bit of promotion of inaccurate Hamas terminology: 

“Hamas want you to lift the siege. I mean why is it so difficult for Israel to do that if it will bring about peace?”

Apparently the BBC does not think that audiences have had enough of the “news presenter aggressively promoting her own political agenda regardless of the facts” party trick.  

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18 comments on “BBC World News’ Dani Sinha to Israeli minister: ‘why are you killing innocent people?’

  1. What an appalling interviewer Dani Sinha is.

    Just appalling.

    But you can see why the BBC employs her.

  2. Not really – she is just trying to ensure that the BBC is not seen to be ‘too biased towards Israel’ as per recent pro-Palestinian complaints!
    Clearly other BBC presenters have the same brief and facts are only relevant if they fit this approach.

  3. Bennett generally does well with two major exceptions:
    1. He fails to challenge the ‘innocent civilians’ figures, thus accepting the BBC/UN/Hamas view. Stats from Israel show this is now likely at least 50% militant. This isn’t the first time Bennett has rolled over on this topic.
    2. He fails to hold the BBC’s misrepresentation of Israel’s defence to account. The Israeli government and IDF must start to expose BBC bias and misreporting, or as above, they are seen to be agreeing. I strongly suggest that every opportunity is taken to embarrass the BBC over this issue.

  4. The whole tone of the interview was unbelievably disrespectful. It’s worrying that the BBC sanctions that overtly hostile attitude. She poses as someone new to this topic, despite being aware of, and evidently believing, the rumours that Israel deliberately orchestrated the violation of the ceasefire to mask the targeting of the three Hamas leaders.

    This feigned, wide-eyed innocence “Why are you killing innocent people?” is more malignant than playing plain old ‘devil’s advocate’. She must think she’s done a very clever thing by taking a simplistic infantilised approach, appealing to the most ignorant, infantilised element of the public.

  5. She should ask this question the pan arabism members included gaza’s fake “palestinians” hamAss,fatah,plo or others! One does not ask such a stupid question to the victim of an aggression but to the aggressors her friends!

  6. The usual suspects. Why does anybody ever think Israel will receive objective treatment by anyone at BBC?

    • Where do these celebrities and people that give to Palestinian charities believe this money goes? Who is funding Hamas tunnels and rockets? The suffering people of Gaza see none of this money. Hamas military has its own bunker but no shelters for civilians. The BBC continues to disseminate anti-Semitic / anti-Israel misinformation freely and as regularly as possible. BBC conceals from its viewers Hamas video where leader is seen demanding civilians ignore IDF warnings and stay in homes, go up on roof tops, and urges them to martyr themselves as human shields to ‘the cause.’ The BBC conceals footage from news reports from India, France and Italy clearly showing Hamas rockets fired from schools, hospital and apartments. And why don’t foreign journalists question why Hamas leader is always interviewed at the hospital? It’s because those militants are also doctors there. There is numerous footage on the web showing all of this but BBC, ITV & Channel 4 deliberately conceal this from viewers. I feel impotent to effect change to this biased inaccurate reporting other than to send emails complaining and asking for investigations into what seems to be journalism that is wholly without integrity or truth or balance.

      • So make a decent investigative documentary and convince me! It’s easy – apparently……

        I’ll be here ready to watch it when you’ve finished it.

        • A documentary? Really? GET OFF YOUR STUPID, LAZY ARSE and put the jigsaw together for yourself, you facile, vaccuous, pea-brained moron. No wonder you haven’t a clue about what’s going on, if you can only assimilate information if it has been neatly packaged and spoon-fed to you by the MSM! Wouldn’t a cartoon be easier for you?

          • Thanks, Yorkie! You said it so much better than I ever could! Even if I was to show a two hour documentary to these anti-Semites with actual footage of militants [as opposed to civilians] being killed by the IDF and footage of civilians being forced to leave safe shelters, the Hamas-lovers STILL would insist my documentary was funded by Israel and is pure propaganda. No point in trying to persuade anti-Semites about the truth. Racism is irrational and there is no justification for it. There is ample proof of Hamas’s terrorist jihadist tactics all over the internet. Foreign news reporters are all over Youtube too presenting balanced information. It is easier to believe the anti-Israel lies because the truth does not fit into the pro-Hamas agenda.

  7. Why didn”t he respond specifically to her ridiculous lies. l’m not a spokesperson, but I knows the answers to those hateful questions. Why doesn’t he? Andl by the way, do all these Pro Hamas idiots think of this weeks public executions of gunshots to the head of 18 Palestinians who they say helped Israel. In the streets, hoods over their heads, no trials- they must all be very proud of Hamas and it’s ways. Has the world gone mad??

    • There’s a lot more than 18 been summarily executed by Hama’s so far, I’m afraid: there were more this last week after the 18, which I think brought the total for last week up to 25 – and there was a whole bunch a few weeks earlier in the conflict too. By my reckoning, there’s been some here in the region of 40 so far.

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