One to watch: BBC’s ‘Hardtalk’ hosts Gideon Levy

The BBC’s ‘Hardtalk’ team has been visiting the Middle East and the September 2nd edition of the programme on BBC World News will feature an interview with the Israeli journalist Gideon Levy. According to the synopsis:

“HARDtalk is in the city of Tel Aviv which lies only a short distance up the coast from the Gaza Strip. Stephen Sackur speaks to Gideon Levy, a journalist who has made it his mission to tell Israelis what it really means to live in an occupying power. He calls himself a truth-teller but many Israelis see him as a traitor.”

BBC audiences cannot be said to have been deprived of the opinions of this writer for a newspaper read by fewer than 6% of Israelis during the past few weeks. Gideon Levy appeared on the BBC World Service’s ‘World Have Your Say’ on July 29th and on ‘World Update’ on July 28th with his own self-focusing ‘war stories’ being prime subject matter.

Broadcast times can be seen below.

Hardtalk Gideon Levy


5 comments on “One to watch: BBC’s ‘Hardtalk’ hosts Gideon Levy

  1. It is appalling, although not unexpected the BBC being the BBC, that Hardtalk, with Steven Sackur, should choose to invite someone so far out on the outer reaches of Israeli society, that his views influence only an insignificant and marginalised section of Israeli society. There are many Israeli journalists and commentators whose views are much more widely read.

  2. Exactly – Levy is not representative of majority of Israelis like Mira Bar-Hillel is not representative of majority of Jews. But to invite more balanced Israeli and foreign journalists [or even someone like Col.Kemp who has first hand knowledge of terror warfare] would simply not meet BBC’s agenda: to delegitimise the Jewish homeland. Every single piece of information on Israel is framed in a certain way and every flaw of that country is focused on and magnified to the ‘nth’ degree. Shame on you, BBC.

  3. Promoted by Jon Donnison from far away Australia:

    Gideon Levy. What would Israel do in Hamas's shoes? Thought provoking piece.— Jon Donnison (@JonDonnison) September 1, 2014

    He’s been back in Oz for some time now but his tweets are “disproportionately” about those poor Palestinians and those evil Jews Israelis.

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