One to watch: BBC’s Panorama on ‘The War of the Tunnels’

An edition of ‘Panorama’ titled “The War of the Tunnels” – which has already been postponed twice for reasons unknown – is now scheduled for broadcast on BBC One on Monday, September 15th with repeats on the BBC News channel and BBC Two as shown below.

Panorama Corbin

The programme’s synopsis states:

“For seven weeks Hamas rockets roared over the border into Israel while Israeli bombs pounded Gaza. Panorama’s Jane Corbin goes deep into the underground tunnels where battles have been fought to investigate the war that has devastated Gaza.

What has each side really gained in this war and can there be a solution to the conflict which is fuelling hatred and fear all over the world?”

As readers are no doubt aware, Jane Corbin’s previous Israel-related documentaries have included the January 2010 programme titled “A Walk in the Park” which was extremely problematic and generated numerous complaints.  

In August of the same year Jane Corbin produced another documentary titled “Death in the Med” which related to the May 2010 ‘Mavi Marmara’ incident in which anti-Israel activists attacked soldiers trying to prevent the ship of that name from breaching the naval blockade. In that case Corbin’s reporting was considerably more accurate and impartial but nevertheless was the subject of complaints – partially at least as the result of an organized campaign by the PSC.

Assuming that “The War of the Tunnels” is finally aired, it will be interesting to see which of the above styles of reporting it more resembles.


It would appear that this programme’s broadcast in the UK has been cancelled yet again with the BBC One Panorama webpage currently informing visitors that “There are no upcoming broadcasts of this programme”. However, viewers of BBC World News not located in either the Middle East or Europe will apparently now (perhaps) be able to watch the programme on September 20th and 21st.

Panorama update







4 comments on “One to watch: BBC’s Panorama on ‘The War of the Tunnels’

  1. Meanwhile, here is an interesting op-ed by Jack Engelhard at “Arutz Sheva”, wondering why Isra-hate beeboids like Orla Guerin are spending so much time and TV taxpayers’ money bashing Israel, when they should be investigating the Britishshame of child rapes by Brits of Pakistani origin closer to home in northern British town of Rotherham.

    Duvidl would suggest a similar comparative article on why beeboids like Orla consistently bash Israel in the style of clapped-out dictators worldwide, instead of continuing to investigate Britain’s continuing child rape, sex crime and paedophile shame at the corrupt BBC itself. Yesterday, for example, in Day 6 of the sex crimes trial of just one of several retired BBC DJs, Dave Lee Travis (David Griffin), Dave stated that he was not “a complete moron.”

  2. Duvid, I love your description of Ms Foreskin as “Isra-hate beeboid”. Spot on. I may adopt it, if I may.
    Remember, however: these men are always ‘Asian’ in Doublespeak Britain.

    • Britain’s Prime Minister, David Cameron, has just said on TV in relation to the barbaric beheading of British aid worker David Haines by a man with a British accent that “…Britain’s reputation for tolerance… has always rested on its ability to act against those who stand for hatred and destruction…”

      Sadly Britain now also has a reputation as a BBC-and-Parliamentary paedo-paradise. Britain could make an easy start on the PM’s action plan at home by cleaning out the BBC Augean stables of Isra-hate-mongers from top to bottom.

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