Ben Dror Yemini interviewed about ‘The Industry of Lies’

Here is a recent Channel 2 interview with veteran Israeli journalist Ben Dror Yemini about his new book ‘The Industry of Lies’ which will apparently be available in English soon.


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  1. I cannot read Hebrew but the title is EXCELLENT and it is very important to expose arabs and their leftist ally for their unending LIES about everything so as to show the world their lack of credibility,their imposture,their lack of honesty and show the world they are just worthless scum!

      • No, alexa, I don’t agree with Yemini, and I’ll explain why.
        To me, a lie is a misrepresentation of fact. For example, let’s say a journalist stated that Israel had launched a nuclear attack on Macedonia, when this was not the case, that would be a lie.
        If, on the other hand, the journalist simply made a normative statement based on a value judgement with which you, I, or Yemen disagree, then that is not a lie. For example, let’s say a journalist claimed that Israelis were more aggressive than Palestinians, or, more trivially, that Jordanian food was better than Israeli food. You and I, and Yemeni, would probably disagree with that opinion. But it is not a lie; it is just a different opinion. Yemeni seems to be unable to make that distinction.

    • You appear to have watched a different film to me. I disagree with you. Yemeni disputes statements of FACT.

      The problem with this ‘industry of liars’ [as I would term it] is that they are able to make a statement of fact [if that statement presents Israel in a favourable, positive light] appear as pure opinion, a value judgement, something that is untrue. In effect, pure fiction. This industry of lies has subverted truthful reporting about Israel more successfully than, say, Hitler’s propagandists of the Third Reich.

      Not sure where you live, but here in the UK, day after day, in newspapers, on TV and on University campuses, we are slowly being drip-drip fed lies about Israel. And this has been happening for more than two decades now.

      Opinions of newscasters [and opinions of esteemed surgeons and doctors who jointly wrote that anti-Israel letter in The Lancet] are presented as fact. This has resulted in unverified antisemitic claims that are made against the Jewish homeland of ‘genocide’, ‘massacre’, ‘Nazi state’, ‘baby murderers’, etc, being accepted by the majority as common parlance whenever discussing Israel.

      Thank you Mr Yemini. Say it loud. Say it proud.

  2. So many lies, repeated so many times by so many:

    Israel’s committing genocide: LIE
    Israel’s doing what the NAZIs did: LIE
    Israel causes increased infant mortality in Gazan arabs: LIE
    Israel murders children: LIE
    Israel’s a ‘terror state’: LIE
    Israel’s an apartheid state: LIE
    The Independent ‘newspaper’ – ‘Israel is a community of child killers’: LIE
    ‘9/11 was USA’s fault for supporting Israel’: LIE
    UNHCR – 50 million refugees settled; no longer refugees;
    UNRWA – different definition for ‘palestinian’ refugees. Even if receive citizenship in another country, still ‘refugee’, and their children, and their children. In the ‘palestinian’s’ own words, ‘We want to perpetuate the problem of the refugees since it is the best card to destroy the State of Israel’.
    ‘Indiscriminate’ bombing: LIE
    On and on and on, repeated by liars for the BBC, the Guardian, the Independent, the New York Times, CNN, Haaretz, and endless, countless, shameless internet blogs, twitterers, trolls and scumbags.
    Lies to delegitimise the only secular democracy in the middle east.
    Completely insane.

      • Thanks Biodegradable. I was listing ‘lies of fact’ Yemeni refers to in that short interview. You’re right – many others are routinely made.

  3. That the Mizrahim were merely making Aliya and were not victims of Arab bloody riots and land grabs all across North Africa. Also was in revenge for the UN recognition of Israel and the defeat of Arab invasion of . Israel in 1948

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