Tonight: two to watch out for on BBC 2

On Saturday October 11th BBC Two will screen ‘The Gatekeepers’ at 21:45 UK time. The programme’s synopsis reads as follows:

“For the first time ever, six former heads of Israel’s domestic secret service agency, the Shin Bet, share their insights and reflect publicly on their actions and decisions.

Since the Six-Day War in 1967, Israel has been unable to transform its crushing military victory into a lasting peace. Throughout that entire period, these heads of the Shin Bet stood at the centre of Israel’s decision-making process in all matters pertaining to security. They worked closely with every Israeli prime minister, and their assessments and insights had – and continue to have – a profound impact on Israeli policy.

The Gatekeepers offers an exclusive account of the sum of their successes and failures. In the process it sheds light on the controversy surrounding the occupation in the aftermath of the Six-Day War.”

Gatekeepers on BBC 2

Following that, at 23:20, BBC’s Two’s ‘Newsnight’ will be hosting a discussion on the topic with a group of as yet unidentified guests.

“Evan Davis presents a discussion in which a panel of guests debate the issues raised by Dror Moreh’s documentary about Israeli secret service Shin Bet, which features interviews with six of the agency’s former heads.”

As readers are no doubt aware, this is by no means a new topic for the BBC.

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4 comments on “Tonight: two to watch out for on BBC 2

  1. We saw the film. the Gatekeepers here in Israel last year and haven’t heard any further comment except that they did Israel a disservice. After the Six Day War, the Arab hatred increased slightly because it was another Arab humiliation, something intolerable to the Arab psyche. I would guess that the figures in the film were prepped to come up with that type of response. The interview preparations depend much on the setting, the questions asked, by whom, and the manner in which the questions were asked. It’s otherwise curious that such eminent figures would all respond in a similar fashion. Highly suspect.

  2. The timing of this screening and “discussion” presumably has nothing whatsoever to do with the Parliamentary vote scheduled for this Monday which is “That this House believes that the Government should recognise the State of Palestine alongside the State of Israel”. According to the BBC the Labour shadow cabinet supports this proposal.

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