A BBC journalist does his job

Although comparatively rare, it is always a pleasure to be able to note that a BBC journalist has reported accurately and impartially on a topic connected to Israel.Longman art

In among a long and interesting – but bleak – article titled “Gay community hit hard by Middle East turmoil” published in the Features & Analysis section of the BBC News website’s Middle East page on October 29th, James Longman wrote:

“One refuge in the region for some is Israel, one of the most progressive countries in the world for LGBT rights.

Same-sex relationships are protected by law, and the only annual gay pride march in the Middle East takes place in Tel Aviv – regarded as an international gay capital.

Since 1993 – well before the US and other Western countries – openly gay people have been allowed to serve in the military. Palestinians from conservative homes have also fled to Israel to avoid persecution.”

Would that such accurate and agenda-free reporting by a BBC journalist were not worthy of note.

4 comments on “A BBC journalist does his job

  1. Would James please convey this relevant information to gay beeboid quizmaster, self-confessed cokehead and pretendy-Jewish Isra-hater Stephen Fry. Possibly an appropriate conversation room for this exchange of ideas would be the toilet of the BBC Club at London’s BBC TV Centre (where the late BBC DJ Sir Jimmy Savile parked his notorious paedo-caravan). This is also where Stephen’s latest self-promoted autobiography tells TV taxpayers he snorted his way to stardom, as well as Buckingham Palace.


  2. “Palestinians from conservative homes” leaves to the interpretation of the reader the extent of conservatism in Pal Arab society. But if only a few homes are conservative, why do the gay people from them feel the need to leave the entire society?

  3. Most people are aware that the vast bulk of Palestinian Arab society is quite conservative, socially and religiously.

    • Are they? How do you know? The fact that the journalist said “conservative homes” rather than “conservative Arab society” indicates the narrative the BBC is pushing and which I think they push quite successfully. They are very careful about concealing the full reality of Arab “conservatism” (anti-semitism, misogyny, dishonour killings, religious bigotry, etc.).

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