Another terror attack on Israelis ignored by BBC News

Here is a screenshot of the BBC News website Middle East page from the morning of December 26th 2014.

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About fourteen and a half hours before that screenshot was taken – at around 18:30 local time on December 25th – a father and his eleven year-old daughter who were driving home near Ma’ale Shomron in Samaria were attacked with a petrol bomb which set their vehicle on fire.

Photo credit: Jerusalem Post

Photo credit: Jerusalem Post

“The girl suffered third degree burns over the majority of her body and face and was placed in an induced coma.

Professor Zeev Rotstein, director of the Sheba Medical Center, said that she suffered life threatening burns to her torso, head, arms and legs, and that “we will do everything in order to save her life.”

The father suffered minor burns to his limbs.”

The absence of any BBC reporting on this terror attack joins the growing list of incidents the corporation has elected to ignore. Since the beginning of this month alone, those unreported incidents have included a stabbing attack at a supermarket in Mishor Adumim, an acid attack on children on Route 60, a missile attack from the Gaza Strip and a sniper attack near Kissufim. 

If we are perhaps tempted to attribute the BBC’s failure to report this attempt to burn Israelis alive in their car to the fact that the attack occurred during the Christmas holiday season – which presumably falls into the same category as the BBC’s “smaller operation at the weekend when fewer stories are covered” – then it is worth noting that all the articles circled in green on the screenshot below showing the website’s Middle East page as it appeared later on in the afternoon of December 26th were added on the same day that the attack near Ma’ale Shomron took place.

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    • Yap ur right….
      I’m waiting for the muslims in your town/city to make some riots and then like usuall I sit and smile

      Take ur head out of ur butt, look at France England and Sweden

    • Worth noting that this tragic attack occurred in the West Bank, not in Israel. Only a (tiny) minority of Israelis are settlers. Most Isrelis never set foot in the settlements.

  1. Attacks against Israelis don’t count and don’t register unless and until Israel hits back. THEN the story will be reported, leading with “Israel hits militants/fires missiles/bombs depot” and of course if so much as one innocent Palestinian terrorist receives a scratch or a broken fingernail it will make headlines and entail a UN Security Council condemnation.

    Until then, crickets.

      • It may be a settlement but to Israelis it is a community of civilians like any town anywhere in the world. And if it isn’t Israel what country is it?

        Just to remind you, Palestine is a fictitious state. The last “sovereign” of that territory was Jordan who illegally occupied it in 1948. Israel liberated it in 1967 and Jordan waived its rights to it in 1988.

        So it’s in Israel.

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