BBC continues to mislead audiences on issue of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations

Much of the BBC’s reporting on the issue of the recent Palestinian Authority’s unilateral moves at the UN Security Council and the International Criminal Court has framed those moves as being a legitimate alternative to direct talks and has promoted the notion that negotiations between the parties are a means of solving the conflict demanded and imposed by Israel.Marcus art

On January 7th an article by the BBC’s diplomatic correspondent Jonathan Marcus appeared in the Features & Analysis section of the BBC News website’s Middle East page under the title “Obama’s five key Middle East battlegrounds in 2015“. In that article Marcus also used the above theme:

“An early test of Mr Obama’s thinking may be how he responds to the Palestinians’ determination to pursue their quest for statehood by seeking membership of a variety of international organisations.

This runs against the basic Israeli and US position that the only way to peace is through direct talks between the parties themselves.”

Of course the principle according to which the conflict must be solved by means of negotiations is by no means merely an “Israeli and US position”: it is a principle to which the recognized representatives of the Palestinian people signed up over twenty-one years ago when Yasser Arafat sent his September 1993 letter to Yitzhak Rabin in which he stated:

“The PLO commits itself to the Middle East peace process, and to a peaceful resolution of the conflict between the two sides and declares that all outstanding issues relating to permanent status will be resolved through negotiations.” [emphasis added]

Arafat 1993 letter

That same principle of direct negotiations underpins both the Oslo I and Oslo II agreements – also signed by the representatives of the Palestinian people and, no less importantly, witnessed and guaranteed by Jordan, the US, Egypt, Russia, Norway and the EU and endorsed by the UN.

Hence, when the BBC fails to inform audiences that the principle of conflict resolution by means of direct negotiations alone is not just an Israeli or American caprice but actually the mainstay of the existing agreements to which the Palestinians are party and the international community guarantors, it deliberately hinders audience understanding of the significance of the PA’s breach of those existing agreements by means of unilateral moves designed to bypass negotiations.

If the BBC is to fulfil its obligations to its funding public, it must begin to present this topic accurately and impartially. 


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  1. Meanwhile, BBC Watch readers might also care to read this article by the incomparable Khaled Abu Toameh at the Gatestone Institute. It explains how foreign journalists, including the BBC’s TV taxpayer-funded Jerusalem bureau, (featuring Propaganda Yolande Knell, Kevin [Dancing Camel on Midnight Stout] Connolly and Quentin Somerville ) deliberately ignore internecine Paly-torture and human rights abuses, while falsely demonising Israel.

    • P.S. Duvidl forgot to add Jerusalem Bureau editor Quentin Somerville’s soubriquet: Misrepresentin’ Quentin.

  2. The BBC is so wrapped up in its narrative of how Israel should succumb to the Muslims demands for a country called Palestine, it seems to have forgotten it is not a player in the negotiations and will never be trusted by Israel as its staff and editors have distorted stories and avoided telling the whole truth, leaving crucial elements out to continue their crusade against the Jews of Israel. The reality is that Israel knows her enemies and will avoid contact with them when the BBC eventually lose its license for lack of impartiality

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  4. Maybe Israel has forfeit its right to bind the Palestinians to this ‘so called peace process’ by consistently, and without fail, refusing to negotiate ‘in good faith’ (a legal term, I suggest you go check it out 😉

    After all, it’s documented time and time again that Israel is just unable to behave with the understanding that it will be bound by any agreements it makes by constantly altering agreements after they are signed; the law, and international community, recognizes this facet of Israeli behavior so perhaps you should turn your attention to convincing your Israeli brethren to actually grow a pair and start being honest.

    Ever thought that might work in your long-term interests?

    Better also to substitute ‘peace process’ for ‘stalling techniques’ or ‘destroying the Palestinian peace offensive’.

    It’s time BBC watch started hiring some real journalists me thinks.

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