BBC’s Tim Willcox in Paris: a new low

BBC News coverage of the rally in Paris on January 11th included the clip below in which Tim Willcox interrupts an interviewee talking about the recent antisemitic attacks in France to inform her – forty-eight hours after four Jewish hostages had been murdered in a terror attack on a kosher supermarket – that:

“Many critics of Israel’s policy would suggest that the Palestinians suffer hugely at Jewish hands as well.”

He then goes on to lecture her:

“But you understand; everything is seen from different perspectives.”

The EUMC Working Definition of Antisemitism includes the following:

 “Holding Jews collectively responsible for actions of the state of Israel.”

Readers no doubt recall that just two months ago, Willcox made use of the age-old stereotype of ‘rich Jews’ and failed to challenge the ‘Jewish lobby’ trope in a programme he was hosting.

Update: Tim Willcox has apologised on Twitter, although it is of course obvious that the vast majority of viewers watching that programme are not among his followers. 

Willcox Twitter apology

Nick Cohen’s take on this story is as insightful as ever. 

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37 comments on “BBC’s Tim Willcox in Paris: a new low

  1. Complaint submitted:

    “The deliberate conflation of Middle East affairs with the loss of innocent lives of French Jews in Paris is a shockingly bad example of reporting, imputing a false sense of guilt for something that is neither related nor relevant to the grief, loss, anger, and mourning felt in the aftermath of the events last week in Paris at the Hyper Cacher supermarket. It is insensitive at best of the BBC to interview a native French Jew and conflate Middle East events, and downright subversive at worst, misleading the audience into thinking there is a connection between the loss of Jewish lives in France and the geopolitical troubles of the Middle East, whereas the merest mention of the real problem – jihad, Islamism, or the deliberate targeting of Jews – goes unmade. It is an outrageous travesty of duty and a deliberate attempt to misrepresent events by forcing the inclusion of an anti-Semitic narrative that has no place whatsoever in this discussion, once again making political points at the expense of real victims.”

  2. Is Tim Wilcox a BBC reporter or is he an appointed judge to point the finger at Israel for being guilty of killing Gazans like the Jews ‘killed’ Jesus? What an idiotic fool he is. I am glad to say that I have stopped watching TV, I have no longer have a TV in Britain and am not buying a TV licence to fund this anti Israel and anti semitic BBC establishment.

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  4. Wilcox also interviewed a man who claimed to be the owner of the bar above which Wilcox was doing his reporting. He allowed the man to make references to antisemitism being caused by events “in other places of the world”.

    Lyse Doucet interviewed at least two “Palestinians” that I saw and failed to ask them about terrorist attacks on Jews.

    • You should take a basic course to learn what is the meaning of the expression of “freedom of speech”. Could save you from similar embarrassments…

  5. Try this thought experiment – imagine that Nigerians living London started attacking Muslim businesses and people because of what Boko Haram are doing in Nigeria. Would the Tim Wilcoxes of this world be equally unsympathetic towards Muslim victims? I think we all know the answer.

    • Freedom of speech from a obsessed Jew-hating moron doesn’t make him any less of an obsessed Jew-hating moron. And why should we have to pay the BBC to treat us to the witterings of obsessed morons?
      No-one’s saying we should shoot him, as the Islamic terrorists do. Just take him off air and give him a job doing the photocopying or cleaning the toilets.

    • Freedom of speech is fine. Outright misrepresentation ain’t. Nor is ignorance and/or incompetence on the part of a public broadcaster that is effectively funded via a universal tax!!

    • There is freedom of speech. There is inappropriateness. This twat was a news reporter. He was reporting the news. Where was it within his remit to start imposing his own warped anti-Semitic agenda?

  6. Ah yes – if a Muslim commits genocide then it is a ‘radical’ or ‘mentally ill’ person and Islam has nothing to do with. If Israel defends itself from Islamofascist terrorism then all the Jews in the entire world are blamed for those actions and all terrorism against Jews that have nothing to do with it are excused

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  8. This prick should go to the Charlie Hebdo offices and make the same comment:
    Many critics though of France’s policy would suggest that the Islamists suffer hugely at French hands as well. You see it’s all a matter of perspective”…..

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  10. So many bigoted people…… a shame he cant express a view….. the Murdoch papers do every single day….

    There is a reason why there is an anti-Jewish sentiment amongst many Muslims… and of course what is happening in Palestine is just one.

    It is a known fact the western press for example generally is pro-Israel.

    • So you admit then that ” there is an anti-Jewish sentiment amongst many Muslims”

      Thanks for your honesty.

  11. The defense “Jews aren’t responsible for what Israel does,” is valid, but insufficient. It leaves the impression that there is agreement as to the premise of Israel’s guilt, and that the only dispute is whether random Jewish women in Paris can be held responsible for Israel’s monstrous conduct. It’s a tactic that requires a better response.

    That response should be “Israel has nothing for which it needs to apologize. It has no interest whatsoever in waging war. Its primary foreign policy goal is to establish peaceful relations with its neighbors. Any day that a shot is fired is a bad day as far as Israel is concerned and it fires shots only when it is attacked. That having been said, whatever good or ill the state of Israel does, that has nothing to do with Jewish individuals living in other countries who have no say in the governance of Israel or in the actions that it takes.”

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  14. After that ‘interview’ Willcox can’t be too popular among the motley BBC crew ‘reporting’ on the Israel-Arab conflict – not because of his anti-Semitism but because he has been careless enough to reveal the fact that the crew’s hostility towards Israel is simply a convenient cover for its anti-Semitism.

  15. hey Ali ” western press largely pro Israel” hahahahahhahahahahahah which twinkling star u been hiding under you silly ignoramus

    he expressed his Jewhate view-we got it-thats why we’re here

  16. Tim Willcox might have noticed that his country has had a long involvement in the M.E., much of it not pretty, and wonder why it’s not open season on British grocery shoppers. He might then pick up a copy of the Koran and notice that Anglicans are not mentioned.

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