HMD edition of BBC One’s ‘The Big Questions’ not exempt from political propaganda

A tweet sent from the account of BBC One’s “moral, ethical and religious debate” programme ‘The Big Questions’ on January 25th has understandably caused something of a stir.

Big Questions tweet

In fact, the provocative question posed in that promotion was not the “one big question” discussed in the edition of the programme broadcast on the same day as readers unable to access BBC iPlayer can see for themselves below. No less contentious than the wording of that tweet was the fact that the programme’s subject matter was allowed to be exploited for opportunistic promotion of political propaganda by Nira Yuval-Davis of the University of East London.

“And part of the problem that we see is that on the one hand we see how Israel is using – very cynically unfortunately – this very important memory of the Holocaust. […]

[…] the fact [is] that the prime minister of Israel, whenever there is a diplomatic visit, he’s taking people to Yad Vashem – the memorial museum – and in order to show them this [is] what happened to Jews in the Holocaust as a preventative measure for any critique of Israeli policies.”

To be clear, the people sitting on the front row are invited guests and like all panel members appearing on ‘The Big Questions’ they would have been ‘vetted’ by the production team before their appearance on live television. That means that Nicky Campbell and his team must have known full well that they had invited an anti-Zionist, BDS-supporting proponent of the notion of the establishment of Israel as a project of “settler-colonialism” to appear on the panel of the edition of their programme advertised as part of the BBC’s Holocaust Memorial Season.




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  1. People who don’t learn about history are destined to repeat it, Keeping the memory of the Holocaust is important not just to the Jews but to the civilized world. If you feel that Jews remind us of the period 1933 to 1945 too much, you may be surprised to learn that from 1948-67, the Muslim world had a scandalous ethnic cleansing of 865,000 Jews. whose descendants are now more than half of Israel’s Jews. Goebbels, Hitler and Mufti of Jerusalem started this well remembered nakba..

    • Sources please on 865,000 Jews cleansed from 1948-67. Also, who are you referring to when you say “civilized world? Hitler’s rabid anti-communism was attractive to many powerful elements in “civilized” Western society. Indeed Hitler would be the only anti-communist Fascist the West didn’t help in the 20th Century. And there were many. Conveniently Holocaust studies always begin in 1933. Better they start in November 1932, Germany’s last free election, when the Nazi’s faced substantial losses, the party splintered, was bankrupt and written off, only saved by a backroom Cabal of finance-industry and Church fearful of Communism (January 4 1933). As Albert Einstein advised us, “do not fear dictators, rather those that put them in power”. A fitting lesson for the Holocaust, sadly absent.

        • In the context of the Holocaust, by “cleansed” I thought you meant murdered. The EXPULSIONS you refer to were mainly in direct response to the Expulsion of Palestinian’s by Jews from Palestinian land. Such mass Expulsions were common as post W.W.II maps were redrawn in many places around the world. At any rate, perhaps you’ll face the fact that, besides Jewish communities still existing in many Arab countries, under Ottoman rule Jews and Arabs lived side by side in peace, Jews even holding high administrative positions. Trouble only started with the partition of Palestine. In my opinion the “Israeli pill” would have been easier for Palestinian Arabs to swallow if 80% of Palestine wasn’t whisked off the negotiating table to create Jordan. Done to cover for the Brit’s Skyes-Picot lie, after the Balfour Declaration Jews were angry they’d only be haggling over 20%, the Palestinian’s, the majority population, furious they were, in the end, offered only 5% of the British Palestinian Mandate. A horrible deal leaving all sides angry and violent. Still, if the Jews felt short changed, the Palestinian’s were out right robbed. What people, 90% of the population in the 1920’s, ca. 70% in 1948, would accept 5% of the land? No people would.

          • “In the context of the Holocaust, by “cleansed” I thought you meant murdered. “

            Actually I never said “cleansed”. You’re confusing me with Emanuel Lombard

            It seems I’m right in thinking that you simply refuse to accept facts that don’t fit with your own preconceived, prejudiced views.

            “The EXPULSIONS you refer to were mainly in direct response to the Expulsion of Palestinian’s by Jews from Palestinian land. Such mass Expulsions were common as post W.W.II maps were redrawn in many places around the world.”

            1) There is no such thing as “Palestinian land” and the “Palestinians” you refer to were mainly economic immigrants from Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan.

            2) There was no “mass expulsion” of “Palestinians” as a result of the foundation of the state of Israel. On the contrary Israel begged Arabs to stay and help build the new state.

            3) How do you explain the mass expulsions of Jews from Arab countries long before WW2 or the founding of the state of Israel?

            4) Have you actually bothered to read even one of the sources I gave you?

            “At any rate, perhaps you’ll face the fact that, besides Jewish communities still existing in many Arab countries, under Ottoman rule Jews and Arabs lived side by side in peace”

            Please give me sources that show “Jewish communities still existing in many Arab countries”. Wikipedia should be of help to you. You’ll see that there are facts that you should face up to.

            Under Ottoman rule, like any country under Muslim rule, Jews, and Christians lived in peace only if they submitted to shariah law, lived as second class citizens with very limited rights, and paid special taxes to their Muslim overlords.

            That Jews and Muslims lived “side by side in peace” is a myth.

            Please go read the official Hamas Charter – it’s easy enough to find on the internet.

            “What people, 90% of the population in the 1920’s, ca. 70% in 1948, would accept 5% of the land?”

            I’d like to know where on earth you get those figures from. Your friends at The Palestine Project perhaps?

  2. The question the BBC really wanted to ask is “Should we forget about antisemitism?”

    That is what they really want to do and they demonstrate it every day by brushing it under the rug and justifying it as a result of “Israel’s actions”.

    • I get my figures from the Ottoman tax registers for Palestine, the last “census” before partition, starting with Jordan 1920. Whatever the exact numbers, when the British took over Palestine it’s widely accepted Muslims were the vast majority of inhabitants.

      70% in 1948 is the British estimate, actually 67.5%

      Blinded by your expansionist Zionist pipe dream, I doubt you can understand that 100’s of thousands of people who had been living in the Palestine Prefecture for a thousand years before British rule might be referred to as Palestinian, or, as States sprung up around them like flowers, that they might want one too? And even if Palestinian numbers swelled with immigration, it takes a lot of Chutzpa as a Jew to use this argument when modern Israel was primarily populated with fresh immigration.

      As for forced expulsions of Jews from Arab lands, according to your beloved Wikipedia you’re wrong again:
      “The Jewish exodus from Arab and Muslim countries or Jewish exodus from Arab countries (Hebrew: יציאת יהודים ממדינות ערב‎, Yetziat yehudim mi-medinot Arav; Arabic: هجرة اليهود من الدول العربية والإسلامية‎ hijrat al-yahūd min ad-duwal al-‘Arabīyah wal-Islāmīyah) was the departure, flight, evacuation and migration, with few actual expulsions, of 850,000 Jews,[1][2] primarily of Sephardi and Mizrahi background, from Arab and Muslim countries, mainly from 1948 onwards.

      A small-scale exodus had begun in many countries in the early decades of the 20th century, although the only substantial aliyah came from Yemen and Syria.[3] Prior to the creation of Israel in 1948, approximately 800,000 Jews were living in lands that now make up the Arab world. Of these, just under two-thirds lived in the French-controlled Maghreb region, 15–20% in the Kingdom of Iraq, approximately 10% in the Kingdom of Egypt and approximately 7% in the Kingdom of Yemen. A further 200,000 lived in Pahlavi Iran and the Republic of Turkey. Today, around 26,000 Jews live in Arab countries[4] and 26,000 in Turkey.[5] ”

      Do you read your own posts?

      Zionist knuckle-heads like you in my own family, your biblical rationalization for Israel’s expansion, stealing other people land, is really pathetic. There are no Palestinian’s? You’re a joke. There was no Palestinian expulsions? It’s recorded on film. You discount Palestinian rights with your worn out, suspect “immigration argument”, at the same time Israel was founded soley on immigration? You’re deluded.

      At the end of the day, what you or I think matters little. The international community drew the Palestinian Arab State on the map. That the local population (Palestinian’s) refused it and fought, that a conflict arose out of the vast majority population being offered only 5% of the land in the province, is entirely understandable to a rational human being, you obviously not one of them.

      And if they never had a “national identity”, guess what, Partition and the creation of numerous States around them gave them one. …You should get out more, not so much time in schule.

      After decades of conflict, now that Palestinian’s are willing to accept their lousy 5% I say we end this bullshit and give it to them. Leaving it up to Zionist knuckle heads like you is, like your arguments, a joke, the reason by the way many Jews were against recreating Israel 100 years ago. That irrational biblical zealots like you would hijack the State and ruin it for everybody.

      That’s exactly what’s happening.

      I’m happy with Israel, why aren’t you? Get off Palestinian land, give them their 5%.

      • “it takes a lot of Chutzpa as a Jew… Zionist knuckle heads like you… You should get out more, not so much time in schule… irrational biblical zealots like you.”

        Well, it didn’t take long for you to reveal the real you – antisemitic. Jew hater. Do please let it all out.

        “Get off Palestinian land”

        I don’t live in Israel, but I’m glad it exists for the day when you and your Nazi pals come banging on my door and breaking my windows, again.

        • I’ll make it simple for you. I’m a Jew. I like Jews. I like Israel. I just think that Israel should return to Internationally recognized borders. That makes me a Nazi? You’re a moron.

          • So you say you’re a Jew. That doesn’t mean you can’t be an antisemite, in fact some of the most rabid Jew haters are Jews.

            You like Jews, but not those who go to schul, nor do you like “Zionists” who support the state of Israel as the national homeland for Jews.

            You have no idea when I last went to schul, do you?

            You know nothing about me yet accuse me of being an “irrational biblical zealot”.

            Maybe Israel should “return to Internationally recognized borders”, but that would have to include Judea and Samaria and a large part of Jordan as promised in the original partition plan.

            You call me a moron? Well here’s my advice to you.

          • Schul is good, but your Zionist claptrap gave me the impression you’re maybe spending too much time there.

            “Maybe Israel should “return to Internationally recognized borders”, but that would have to include Judea and Samaria and a large part of Jordan as promised in the original partition plan”.

            Sounds like Eretz Israel to me, that biblical Zionist pipe-dream you say you don’t buy into? No doubt what some Jews wanted, but never promised or even proposed by the International community in any partition plan. Jordan was off the negotiating table shortly after the quite vague Balfour declaration. …Where did you get your nonsense?

            And I do support “Zionists” who support the State of Israel, just in the internationally recognized borders, which anyone can see on any map.

            Your last link is childish, like your grasp of history and the current situation.

          • Not a “biblical Zionist pipe-dream”, rather the borders suggested by the San Remo Conference:

            Are these the “Internationally recognized borders” you suggest Israel returns to?

            Remember it was the “Palestinians” who rejected that, just as they have rejected every offer since then.

            Remember the “Three noes”: No peace with Israel, no recognition of Israel, and no negotiations with Israel.

            Remember what happened when Israel withdrew every last Jew, including the dead ones, from Gaza.

            Now do please GFY, I’ve had more than I can stomach of you.

          • “Articles by David Singer and archival records retrieved by him calling for and supporting the division of the West Bank and Gaza between Israel, Jordan and Egypt as the key to resolving the 130 years old conflict between Jews and Arabs over the territory once called Palestine.”

            1) To you “Internationally Recognized Borders” are what someone or group “called for” or “supported” at a meeting, almost 30 years before the International Community ACTUALLY DREW QUITE DIFFERENT ONES, in 1948. You are a moron.

            As Wikipedia see’s San Remo:

            “The precise boundaries of all territories were left unspecified, to “be determined by the Principal Allied Powers,” and were not finalized until four years later. The conference decisions were embodied in the Treaty of Sèvres (Section VII, Art 94-97). As Turkey rejected this treaty, the conference’s decisions with regard to the Palestine mandate were finally confirmed by the Council of the League of Nations on 24 July 1922.”

            You are one confused puppy.

            2) Of course Palestinian’s rejected partition and subsequent lesser offers. Considering the demographics what people wouldn’t?

            3) TODAY the Palestinian’s ARE willing to accept that raw deal offered them in 1948, and recognize Israel. I say we give it to them. The majority of the International Community says we should give it to them. So get off their land. Give peace a chance. If they step out of line we can always hammer them again.

            4) I saw what happened in Gaza. A blockade. A war crime under international law. Oh, and the destruction in the West Bank. Yes, Palestinian’s have a right to defend themselves too.

            Your arguments are as hollow as your head. GFY. You’re full of shit.

  3. I watched the Israeli woman who was clearly an Israel hater. She tried to suggest that Netanyahu was using Yad ve Shem to show diplomats and guests to Israel the idea of a jewish country of victims of the holocaust and when Nicky suggested it was time to recognise all the genocides, the Jews present seemed to show him that the day was to show that no other genocide was motivated to remove a whole religious entity as Judaism is a religion not a race as Jews were black white pink and yellow.. I found it quite offensive but watched it to see how far the BBC would go to rewrite the facts on the Holocaust. I am ashamed to be BRITISH

    • Everyone’s forgetting in Hitler’s fight against Communism, Jews, viewed as the creators of Communism at the time (the founders and main propagators were all Jewish), had to be eliminated. In his mind to eradicate Communism Germany had to eradicate Jews. After so many years, and so many discussions, it is truly remarkable that Hitler Raison d’Etre, Anti-communism, is again overlooked entirely.

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  6. If the point of remembering is so it ( a “Hitler”) never happens again, it’s only logical that one recognizes how it happened in the first place. No, Hitler was not elected Chancellor by the German people. The last free election in November 1932 saw substantial Nazi losses. the Party splintering and bankrupt. The obituary of the Nazi Party was in all the German newspapers. What saved Hitler was the secret meeting held on January 4 1933 in Cologne, at the villa of international banker Kurt Freiherr von Schroder, Catholic Party leader and Hindenburg confidant Franz von Papen, and Hitler, what academics cal “the birth hour of the Third Reich”. Not by the German people, rather top representatives of finance-industry and Church, the story of every anti-communist Fascist of the 20th Century. In my opinion remembering the Holocaust is a waste of time if we don’t remember what lengths the pillars of our society will go when democracy, at home or abroad, gets too democratic, their interests threatened. I can think of no worse fate for a victim of the Holocaust than celebrating the very people that made this tragedy happen, Capitalist Finance, Industry, and the Catholic Church. Hitler was only one of many.

  7. It was a very important discussion, yet it should have been entitled a lot differently. The title trivializes the subject as well as belittles humanity. Had this subject title been different, people wouldn’t have had such animosity towards the program.

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