An upcoming event for BBC Watchers

Recent polling indicates that over 80 percent of British Jews believe that biased coverage of Israel incites antisemitism.

Is UK media coverage of Israel influencing attitudes towards Jews in Europe and fueling extremism? What should major news outlets like the BBC and The Guardian do to avoid sensational and inaccurate reports?

Join us in Jerusalem on March 1st for a discussion of these questions with a focus on how we can promote responsible media coverage.

Advance registration required – details here.

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5 comments on “An upcoming event for BBC Watchers

  1. It is the truth that annoys People now worldwide about the unacceptable behaviour of Israel and the disgusting actions of the IDF, this is not anti-Semitic against Jewish people.

    I find it offensive when I am accused of being Anti-Semitic as a Christian when I do not agree with Israeli Leaders Actions & Those of The IDF, most of my friends are Catholic, Mormon and Jewish, but we never have any difference of Faith, we just agree we have differing Beliefs and accept it, that is how the World should be in 2015.

    This type of posed pointed question does nothing at all to Promote Peace and Understanding.

    • Yes, BBC coverage probably does incite hostility to Israel, and since Netanyahu claims to speak for all Jews, there may be an unfortunate indiscriminate hostility to Jews, as so few of them distance themselves from Israel’s inhumane actions. And the BBC tends not to give a platform to groups like JfJfP, JVP and others.

      • Are you “hostile” towards Chinese people because of their government’s actions in Tibet or Tienanmen Square?

        Do you boycott Chinese restaurants whose owners don’t “distance themselves from China’s inhumane actions”?

        If your answer to the questions above are “no” you are simply just another antisemite attempting to hide behind “legitimate criticism of Israel”.

        The same goes for “John” above.

    • Hey John, reading comprehension is your friend. It is great that you defended BBC coverage as “not anti-Semitic” but unfortunately that dubious claim is utterly irrelevant since this article did not claim that BBC coverage was so.

      No John, this article discusses how, and now I will quote (from the first sentence no less) “biased coverage of Israel incites antisemitism.” See that, not antisemitism from the BBC, but biased coverage of Israel. This biased coverage, that is the steady drumbeat of obsessive one-sided demonization of one country, then leads to antisemitic attitudes in the population.

      Also it is great that in regard to your friends, and now I will quote you “we just agree we have differing Beliefs and accept it,” but this incoherent gibberish indicates to me that you are posting from Tehran.

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