BBC bread and circuses on Question Time

As readers are perhaps already aware, the February 5th edition of the BBC One weekly debate show ‘Question Time‘ (made for the BBC by the independent production company Mentorn) was the subject of controversy even before it was recorded and broadcast. 

The decision to invite MP George Galloway – who is considerably more renowned for his anti-Israel agitprop, his support for terrorist organisations such as Hamas and Hizballah and his parallel career at media outlets financed by assorted repressive regimes than for his record of representing the people of Bradford West in Parliament – to join the panel at a location in a constituency with a particularly high proportion of Jewish residents was criticised, among others, by MP Mike Freer who described it as “deliberately provocative“.

Galloway’s presence on the panel and his entirely predictable derailing of the conversation to make it all about him detracted from any significant debate on the subject of the worrying report on antisemitic incidents in the UK published by the CST on the same day.

As ever, Galloway subsequently tried to frame himself as the victim of that debate and predictably, sections of the media collaborated with his antics.

The producers Question Time of course knew exactly what they were doing when they invited Galloway to appear in Finchley. Unfortunately, the mission to attract rating by means of the tawdry ‘shock factor’ provided by fringe figures such as Galloway was obviously deemed more important than the quality – or the subject – of the debate itself. And that (rather than Galloway’s inevitable self-indulgent showmanship) is the issue which should be the real cause of concern for the members of the public who funded this programme.  

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  1. As I dont recognise Galloway as an M.P because he only represents the Islamic community I find his presence on the BBC a fraud.
    Further I understand after HE complained regarding his treatment Mr Dimbleby apologized to HIM.
    So what does that tell you about Dimbleby?

    • A lot, but little good at all. On or around Holocaust Memorial Day this year, he was interviewed on a UK TV programme about his father’s reporting of the liberation of the concentration camps. You may know that Dimbleby’s father, a renowned BBC broadcaster, was embedded with the Allies who liberated Bergen-Belsen and reported graphically about the horrors he saw and heard there. The BBC initially refused to broadcast his historic contribution and in order to force their hand, Dimbleby senior had to threaten to resign if they did not.

      That gives you some insight into the BBC ethos, such as it was then, and David Dimbley’s grovelling is excellent proof of what the BBC is now. The son is a disgrace to the father’s memory. His father would be spinning in his grave.

  2. That al-Beeb actually put up this three ring circus is yet another indication that it should lose its royal charter and should no long be allowed to charge a licence fee

    • I agree with every word that you wrote. The BBC is shameless. It is ill informed and has an institutionalised anti Israel bias along with an institutionalised pro Palestinian/Arab bias which manifests itself in the many inaccuracies and downright misrepresentations that it promotes relating to the Middle East.

  3. Am I the only person who thinks that the wrong question was asked? In my opinion a rare opportunity was missed. If only the question was along the lines of: What does the panel think of the rise of Anti-Semitism in the UK and how much of that rise can be attributed to the BBC and other news organisation’s censoring of any news showing Israel in a positive or good light, together with minimising or air brushing out any news of attacks on Israel ?
    Galloway of course contributes to Anti-Semitism, but he is small beer in comparison to the media onslaught, as can be confirmed by the rise in the number of attacks that coincided with the Gaza war.

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