4 comments on “BBC regular Abdel Bari Atwan dictates conditions for being Muslim

  1. It is high time that the strong influence of the BBC’s Arabist paymasters was countered by the BBC also employing Israeli academics who would disclose the real truth of the Gaza conflict

  2. This is the same one who, when questioned about Muslim rape gangs in the UK, started blaming everyone else. When challenged that his sounded like conspiracy theories he replied that it was his right to believe in conspiracy theories if he wanted whether or not they were true.

    Without apparent awareness of how off-the-wall he sounded.

    What a giant intellect!

  3. The despicable racist Abdel Bari Atwan lets slip ‘this is the only thing that unites us’ meaning: our antisemitism is the one and only thing that we all truly agree upon. Note the absence of any political agenda here towards peace – if you were to transport Atwan’s words into the mouth of Hitler you would have twins. And THIS is the expert that the BBC offers its viewers if they want to understand the Middle East?

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