Why is a BBC correspondent speaking at the J Street conference?

“It is essential that BBC staff, BBC correspondents on non staff contracts and freelances known to the public primarily as presenters or reporters on BBC news or current affairs programmes do not undertake any off-air activities which could undermine the BBC’s reputation for impartiality. Nothing they do or say should bring the BBC into disrepute. No off-air activity, including writing for newspapers, magazines or websites, writing books, giving interviews, making speeches or chairing conferences should lead to any doubt about the objectivity or integrity of their work for the BBC. If BBC journalists, presenters or reporters publicly express personal views off-air on controversial issues, then their editorial or on-air role may be severely compromised.”

The above words appear in the guidance document titled “Conflicts of Interest – Off Air Activities”, complimentary to the BBC’s Editorial Guidelines and – under the sub-heading “Public Speaking and Other Public Appearances” – the document goes on to state:

“BBC staff and BBC Correspondents on non-staff contracts should get written permission from their Head of Department before undertaking any outside public appearances including speaking at conferences. They must not make any appearances which are promotional for a commercial concern and nothing they do or say should undermine the integrity or impartiality of the BBC. They should not allow the use of the BBC’s name or brands in connection with advertising for a public appearance unless this has been expressly approved by the BBC. Care should be taken with appearances related to charities, particularly if they are campaigning organisations, and no impression should be given of BBC endorsement of one charity over another.”

J Street is a political campaigning organization which has branches with differing not-for profit designations:

“The J Street family of organizations is comprised of:

J Street: a 501(c)(4) non-profit corporation and registered lobby.

JStreetPAC: a political action committee endorsing federal candidates.

J Street Education Fund, Inc: a legally independent 501(c)(3) non-profit.”

We must therefore conclude that written permission from the head of the relevant BBC department was obtained in advance of the advertisement of the BBC Washington correspondent Kim Ghattas’ upcoming appearance as a speaker at J Street’s 5th conference and that the use of her BBC title in that advertising has been “expressly approved” by the BBC.

J Street conf 1

J Street conf 2

The approval of Ghattas’ appearance as a speaker at J Street’s conference clearly indicates that the BBC is under the impression that it does not undermine the corporation’s impartiality. That impression is of course grossly mistaken.

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4 comments on “Why is a BBC correspondent speaking at the J Street conference?

  1. “The approval of Ghattas’ appearance as a speaker at J Street’s conference clearly indicates that the BBC is under the impression that it does not undermine the corporation’s impartiality” –

    sorry, that’s a non sequitur. The BBC no longer gives a flying … squirrel whether it’s even seen as impartial, never mind whether it IS impartial (which it has not been within my lifetime).
    This is the usual hatefest of Israel demonisers (yes, including the sickening Galon), so the BBC is very much on home turf.

  2. Par for the course these days, but it should be protested.The wretched Bowen appears at the leftwing Isael-bashing Frontline Club, and he’s not the only one, so there are clear precedents for this.
    (Then, of course, there’s the phenomenon of fat cat BBC correspondents making a nice little packet on the side by hiring themselves out as speakers, courtesy of expensive speakers’ bureaux. They have made themselves the news, aided and abetted by viewers and listeners immersed in the cult of celebrity. Alvar Liddell must be whirling in his grave.)

  3. The BBC needs to be sued for contributing directly to the deaths of European Jews by creating a hostile climate in Europe through continuous demonisation of Israel.

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