Background to the BBC’s claims regarding the Iron Dome missile defence system

Readers may recall that soon after the commencement of Operation Protective Edge the BBC’s diplomatic correspondent saw fit to recycle a link to an article he had written in 2013 questioning the performance rate of the Iron Dome missile defence system on the basis of publications by MIT professor Ted Postol. The same claims were also the basis for two additional reports by the BBC’s Kevin Connolly in April 2013.Iron Dome

The Begin-Sadat Centre for Strategic Studies at Bar Ilan University recently published a paper by Uzi Rubin in which he examines Israel’s air and missile defence during Operation Protective Edge.

“Skeptics in Israel and the US voiced doubts about the disclosed achievements of the Iron Dome system. US critics used commercial and private videos of rocket interceptions to allege that the system was significantly less successful than claimed. The low number of casualties was attributed by them to the efficiency of Israel’s public alert system and extensive shelter network, as well as the supposedly low lethality of the Gaza rocket warheads. However, a comparison of losses and damages in the 2014 Gaza War to those from the 2006 Lebanon War, when no active defense system existed, refute the critics’ allegations.”

Dr Rubin’s very interesting report can be found here in both English and Hebrew. 


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  1. Dr. Rubin’s report conclusion is salutary. Despite the wonder of life-saving Iron Dome, the existential threat to Israel from Gaza terrorism remains. Duvid sadly remembers 4-year-old Israeli Daniel Tregerman, murdered by a terrorist Gaza mortar while playing near Ashdod.

    As to BBC diplomatic and defence correspondent Jonathan Marcus, Duvid repeats his comment from below the BBC Watch 11 September 2014 article linked above:

    “Jonathan is a ghastly beeboid dissembler, having perverted the obvious truth of the marvel that is the life-saving Iron Dome in previous articles and been brought to account by BBC Watch. That he is now consorting with a known antisemitic Holocaust denier is no surprise. He represents the corrupt BBC.”

    • Also, Jonathan will probably not cover this big success story of Israel’s defence firms shining in India (population 1.25 billion):

      “Israeli Defense Firms Shine in India

      Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon met Thursday with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Aero India 2015, the country’s top military technology exposition.

      The Israeli pavilion is expected to be one of the most prominent this year due to the increasing military cooperation between both nations. A “substantial” joint venture has already been formed between Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and India’s Kalyani Group.

      India is the world’s top importer of defense hardware, and one of Modi’s goals is to see 70% of this hardware manufactured domestically by the turn of the decade. To achieve this, he is seeking to promote joint ventures between Indian and foreign defense firms, as well as encouraging foreign defense firms to manufacture their products in India. Israel’s defense industry has been benefiting tremendously from this trend.

      Aero India is already paying dividends for Israeli exhibitors. Israel’s Rafael and India’s Kalyani Group have formed a new joint venture for the manufacturing of missiles, remote weapons systems and advanced armor solutions. The size of the joint venture has not been released, but Kalyani Group Chairman and Managing Director Baba Kalyani told India’s Business Standard newspaper that it was “substantial.”

      Other exhibitors at Aero India include Israel Aerospace Industries, which is showcasing a new naval airplane, Elbit Systems with its anti-missile defense products, and a number of smaller companies, such as Video Inform, Orbit Technologies, and Opgal.

      Ya’alon inaugurated the Israeli pavillion with praise for the growth in defense ties. “I am proud to be the first defense minister who visits here and meets with senior government officials, whose leadership and vision to lead India seeks prosperity and growth,” he said. In an interview with Telegraph India he said, “This is my first official visit. The relationship [between Israel and India] is deepening after the [September 2014] meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Benjamin Netanyahu in New York. We see continuous progress and common interests.”.”

      (“United with Israel” website writers)

  2. Meanwhile, today’s Sunday Express newspaper reports on the corrupt BBC’s £31,000 per day taxi bills:

    “EXCLUSIVE: BBC told to cut waste or lose licence fee after £31k-a-day taxi bill revealed

    THE BBC must account for every penny it spends or face losing the licence fee, MPs helping to determine its future have warned.

    Published: 00:01, Sun, February 22, 2015By CAROLINE WHEELER

    BBC, transparency, taxi bills, cut waste, licence fee, national audit office, public cuts, GETTY
    Tory MPs argue that the BBC must keep its finances in line with other public bodies in cutting waste
    Concern over waste at the corporation follows the revelation that it forks out more than £31,000 a day on taxis alone.

    Tory MP Conor Burns, a member of the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee, which is set to publish its long-awaited report on the future of the BBC this week, claims the corporation has “failed in its duty to ensure the licence fee is well spent”.

    He has written to Culture Secretary Sajid Javid demanding that the BBC “shows its commitment to greater transparency and value for money”.

    The report, to be published on Thursday, will make recommendations on the future of the BBC Charter…..”

  3. In the meantime the Iron Dome has been much improved and on top of that a new different and more effcient system is being set up so that Israel’s enemies should not hope to make any breakthru with their rockets!

  4. The Beeb by now is thoroughly infiltrated by Arabists with no wish to switch their correspondents to more balanced reporting. Let us just hope that, given current politically correct staff recruitment, it is not the vanguard of worse bias to come.

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