BoD weighs in on BBC’s rejection of Willcox complaints

The Jewish Chronicle informs us that the Board of Deputies of British Jews (the main representative body of Jews in Britain) has commented on the BBC Editorial Complaints Unit’s rejection of complaints made by members of the public about statements from Tim Willcox during a report from Paris on January 11th.Willcox

“The Board of Deputies has condemned the BBC for not taking action against Tim Willcox after his interview with a Jewish woman about the terrorist attack on a kosher supermarket in Paris sparked anger. […]

Board vice president Jonathan Arkush said: “It’s remarkable that the BBC could have reviewed the evidence and dismissed the complaints against Tim Willcox so airily and it raises very serious questions over the objectivity of the inquiry.

“The BBC is clearly unfit to be the judge and jury in cases when it is also the accused.” “

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4 comments on “BoD weighs in on BBC’s rejection of Willcox complaints

  1. Nothing nor nobody will change the entrenched Israel haters at the BBC – except moving their reliance on Arab funding and that ain’t gonna happen..

  2. Board of Deputies is at best a “keep heads down, Jews” organisation, if not worse. We should remember their shameful stance against the government of Israel a few years ago, an indicator of the trendy position of liberal Jews, especially in the Reform Movement (similar to the transformation of the US Jews). See a great post about BoD here – and here –

    • Agreed asherpat. What else can be expected of Jews who partner with Oxfam, which is anti-Israel, just to look good?

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