Hamas PR department invokes BBC’s Bowen

Readers may have heard about the Hamas social media campaign which recently invited Twitter users to ‘#AskHamas’. It is safe to say that the results of that PR drive did not exactly meet the terrorist organisation’s expectations and the topic was picked up by the mainstream media – see for example here, here and here.

Whilst Hamas did not answer most of the Tweets sent its way, here is one which did receive a reply:

Hamas tweet Bowen

Clearly the BBC Middle East editor’s efforts to whitewash Hamas’ use of human shields during last summer’s hostilities did not go unnoticed by that internationally recognised terrorist organisation.

The civilian population of the Gaza Strip might, however, be somewhat less appreciative of that politically motivated reporting from the man supposedly responsible for ensuring the accuracy and impartiality of the BBC’s Middle East content. 


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  1. Bowen is biased to the hilt against Israel. But as bad as he is, his motley crew ‘reporting’ on the last Gaza war made him seem moderate. Lyse Doucet, Kevin Connolly and Paul Adams, among others, simply pumped out Hamas propaganda, in shameful subservience to the terrorist group, yet again demonstrating BBC hostility towards the Jewish state.

  2. What kind of a testimonial is this, being recommended for ‘facts’, by a fascist, theocratic, terrorist organisation? And if he is the BBC’s Middle East editor, what does that say about the BBC?

    Is Lord Reith spinning in his grave?

  3. (hat tip Pounce)

    As you can see from the Newsweek article below from a few days ago, Hamas has apparently rejected an offer for a 5 year truce with Israel in return for ending the blockade and opening the border.

    You can read the ‘excuse’ they offer below, but as we all know, they prefer to be the ‘victim freedom fighters’, as the BBC would have us believe, and they just don’t do peace.

    You will also notice that it was Tony Blair, among others, who formulated this deal, and given the news today that he might be leaving the role of Mid-East peace envoy, quite possibly because he and others see there is no desire for peace by the Palestinians.

    The BBC are happy to report about his possible imminent departure from the role, and even offer an analysis on the topic, but nowhere do they bother to report about the Hamas refusal to change lives for those in Gaza for the better.

    Can anybody possibly think that this isn’t newsworthy and give a better understanding of the dynamics here?
    Only, if like the BBC, it interferes with the narrative you want people to believe.

    Hamas Rejects Five-Year Israel Truce to End Gaza Blockade

  4. Nearly fell off my chair yesterday on hearing on Israeli TV news that Israeli and Qatari officials have met to discuss the rebuilding of Gaza houses, for which cause Qatar has pledged a billion dollars. The two countries have no diplomatic relations but the most bizarre aspect of that bit of news was that the newsreader reported it with a straight face and there was no mention of the obvious: that Hamas would find a way to divert the building materials for terror tunnels into Israel.

    One thing about the Israeli-Arab conflict – it’s never boring.

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