The man who missed Israel’s Declaration of Independence

Our many readers with a keen interest in Israeli history will no doubt enjoy this recent Independence Day programme from the Voice of Israel.VoI interview Zvielli

“VOI’s Gil Hoffman is joined in-studio by Jerusalem Post archivist Alexander Zvielli, who has been working at the newspaper for 70 years. Zvielli recalls his experience on the night in February 1948, when the building of what was then called the “Palestine Post” was bombed by the British – and other stories from the period during which the state of Israel was born.”

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One comment on “The man who missed Israel’s Declaration of Independence

  1. Wow; what a man is Alexander Zvielli, 94 and still working, providing witness to the atrocious bombing of the Palestine/Jerusalem Post by the British, in which he was wounded in the eye. His mind and memory, however, are still razor-sharp.

    “Farber was killed on the spot,” he says, being the only one alive to remember him.

    As the epilogue to “Both Sides of the Hill”, Jon and David Kimche’s seminal 1960 book on “Britain and the Palestine War”, which Duvidl is re-reading, says, “… the outcome of war in Palestine was in effect more of a defeat of imperial Britain than of the (7 invading) Arab countries…it was imperial Britain which suffered most; within a decade it had lost all its positions of direct control in the Middle East and was on the brink of losing also its direct hold over the rich oil resources of the region.”

    It appears to Duvidl that the BBC, partly financed by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, is, sixty seven years after Israeli independence, still smarting from the loss of the British empire.

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