BBC News coverage of terrorism in Israel in May 2015

Throughout the month of May the BBC News website’s reporting on terror incidents in Israel amounted to a brief mention (in an article on another subject) of an attack which took place in the A-Tur neighbourhood of Jerusalem on May 20th. Over twenty percent of the word-count in the two paragraphs devoted to the topic amplified inaccurate anonymous hearsay.

As far as BBC audiences are aware, therefore, that one vehicular attack against members of the security forces was the only incident to have taken place throughout the month of May.

The Israel Security Agency’s report for May 2015 (Hebrew) shows that the total number of attacks during that month was 152, with 91 of those attacks taking place in Judea & Samaria and 60 in Jerusalem. The majority of the attacks involved the throwing of petrol bombs and in addition there were two incidents of live fire and 16 incidents involving the use of IEDs. Six civilians and three members of the security forces were injured in three vehicular attacks and two stabbings. One incident of missile fire from the Gaza Strip was recorded.

Among the many incidents ignored by the BBC were:

May 3rd: an attempted stabbing near Yakir.

May 4th: an attempted stabbing in Jerusalem.

May 11th: a stabbing at Mishor Adumim Junction.

May 14th: a vehicular attack at the Alon Shvut junction.

May 24th: two stabbings in Jerusalem.

May 26th: missile fire from the Gaza Strip – although the Israeli response to that attack was reported by BBC Arabic.

In other words, BBC audiences were informed of 0.65% of the terror incidents which actually did take place in Israel during May 2015 and – despite six civilians having been wounded – there was no coverage whatsoever of attacks against civilians.

Since the beginning of the year the BBC has reported 1.03% of the terror attacks which have actually taken place.

table terror attacks reported

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  1. Perhaps you could expand your useful summary by adding a column detailing how many of Israel’s responses to terrorism have been reported by the BBC

  2. Some IDF claim that any sign of Jewish reasonableness is interpreted by Arabs as weakness which can only beget greater violence in return. Most Israelis and IDF troops come from over a thousand years of Arab abuse. Maybe this is felt as payback time.
    Better might be a Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria with the same population distribution as Israel has itself but instead of 20.7% Muslim, the Palestinian state would include 20.7% Jewish settlers. Perhaps this might anticipate future nrgotiations; however, Abbas wants such a state to be Jew free, but there are now already 21 Jew free Arab states.

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