BBC ignores another terror attack on Israelis – in English

On June 19th a terror attack took place near Dolev.

“An Israeli man who was critically injured Friday afternoon in a shooting attack in the West Bank succumbed to his wounds later Friday. He was named as Danny Gonen, 25, from the central city of Lod. […]

A second man, whose identity was not immediately made public, was moderately hurt in the attack and was being treated at Tel Hashomer.

The two men were traveling in their car after visiting a spring near Dolev, when they were flagged down by a Palestinian man, seemingly asking them for assistance. He then pulled a gun out of a bag he was carrying and opened fire on them at point-blank range, mortally wounding Gonen.”

Hamas later claimed responsibility for the attack.

“In a statement released late Friday evening, Hamas’ military wing, Izzadin Kassam, claimed responsibility for a terrorist attack perpetrated in the West Bank which killed one and moderately injured another earlier in the day.”

There was no reporting on the incident on the BBC News website’s Middle East page either on Friday evening or Saturday morning.

ME HP 20 6 15a

BBC staff were however aware that a terror attack had taken place.

Dolev Shuval tweet

And a report on the incident did appear on the BBC’s Arabic language website.

Dolev BBC Arabic

At the time of writing that report has not been updated to inform audiences of Hamas’ claim of responsibility.

The BBC’s failure to report this fatal terror attack to English-speaking audiences should of course also be seen within the context of the corporation’s related abstention from reporting on the topic of Hamas activities in Judea & Samaria in general and their link to Hamas officials in Turkey.

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7 comments on “BBC ignores another terror attack on Israelis – in English

  1. Whats new!- Israeli deaths are not news- Only the deaths of Palestinians make the news.
    I will never forget when the 3 children of the Fogel family were murdered by having their throats cut- The BBC never reported that either.

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  3. Reuters is just as Biased.
    Look at this article by Reuter today after a Palestinian terrorist stabs and Israeli in Jerusalem.

    “Palestinian shot after stabbing Israeli policeman in Jerusalem.” As usual, Reuters/AFP/AP leads with the Israeli response to Arab violence, not the Arab violence.

    Biased reporting by Reuters. Reuters attempts to hold Israel responsible for the current act of violence by reciting a list of past unrelated event.

    If Reuters is going to mention previous events why didn’t they mentions the rabbis slaughtered and beheaded in the Jerusalem synagogue massacre last November.
    Why didn’t REuters mentioned the 3 month old Jewish baby run over and murdered by a Palestinian terrorist with his car.

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