BBC News website corrects ‘first British suicide bomber’ claim

As was noted here a few days ago, an article appearing on one of the BBC News website’s UK regional pages on June 14th inaccurately informed readers that the first suicide bombing carried out by a British citizen abroad took place in 2014. In fact, the first incident of that kind took place eleven years earlier in Tel Aviv.

Original text

Original text

Following communication from BBC Watch, the wording of that insert to the article has been changed and now reads as follows:

Dewbury art amended

Amended text

There is, however, no notification informing audiences of the change made.

3 comments on “BBC News website corrects ‘first British suicide bomber’ claim

  1. Congratulations on BBC Watch’s partial ‘victory’ – though suppose to be expected from the BBC that a list of ‘Britains taking terror overseas’ STILL doesn’t show that British citizen who perpetrated the 2003 Tel Aviv terror attack mentioned in your previous post.

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