BBC Monitoring euphemises terror, whitewashes antisemitism, claims Egyptian Jews ‘vanished’

On June 18th an article appeared in the features section of the BBC News website’s Middle East page under the title “Ramadan: Historical TV dramas break with past in Muslim world“. Written by BBC Monitoring, the piece correctly notes in its opening paragraphs that:Ramadan TV art

“The Islamic holy month of Ramadan is associated with TV dramas and soap operas across the Arab and Muslim world.

Millions of Muslims in the Arab World spend hours watching TV during and after breaking their fast.

It is during Ramadan that commercial TV channels get their highest ratings for the year. Egyptian and Syrian TV productions predominate.”

But how does the “break with past” described in the article’s headline manifest itself? The only very vague clue to that comes in this section of the report:

“Egypt goes further with historical dramas breaking tradition with a drama sympathetic to Egypt’s vanished Jewish community.

The Jewish Quarter depicts a time when Jews and Muslims lived together harmoniously.”

What BBC Monitoring refrains from telling readers is that in many cases, the television dramas produced for Ramadan are rife with antisemitic content and anti-Israel messaging. And whilst this new Egyptian series ‘The Jewish Quarter’ [Haret el Yahood] may indeed be “sympathetic” to Egyptian Jews – who did not mysteriously ‘vanish’ as this article suggests but were actually expelled or coerced to emigrate by Egypt – it too is apparently not without a specific political slant.

“The show, which presents the Jew­ish com­mu­nity in Egypt in the 40s through a love story between a Jew­ish girl and a Mus­lim Egypt­ian army offi­cer, attempts to present the dif­fer­ence between “good” Jews and “bad” Jews; the good Jews are the ones who are loyal to Egypt and sup­port its war against Israel while Zion­ist Jews, who are loyal to Israel, are depicted as wicked, liars, evil and try­ing to betray Egypt. Mid­hat Al-adl, who wrote the script for the show, told Al Jazeera that the show “con­demns Israeli Zion­ism and racism.””

Two additional segments of this article are also worthy of note. [all emphasis added]

“Another series – Darb al-Yasmin – takes place in a southern Syrian village during the late 1990s and focuses on the military and intelligence work of the resistance against Israel.”

“Also popular this Ramadan is The Soil and Salt – a Lebanese TV series about Islamic resistance against Israel.”

As veteran Arab affairs analyst Ehud Ya’ari has pointed out:

“The literal translation of the Arabic word muqawama is “resistance,” but that does not reflect the full meaning of the term. A more correct translation would be “the doctrine of constant combat,” or “persistent warfare,” which is how Hizballah’s Hassan Nasrallah and Hamas’s Khaled Mashal define it.” 

‘Resistance’ is in fact an English language euphemism for violence and terrorism conducted by those negating Israel’s existence. The fact that the mainstream BBC chooses to adopt and amplify the term uncritically and without any proper explanation to audiences of what that euphemism really means is as worthy of note as its concealment of the long tradition of antisemitic content in Ramadan television programmes.

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  1. Meanwhile, tomorrow’s Daily Telegraph newspaper front page headline is, “Ofcom to take over BBC Trust.”

    Ofcom is the government media regulatory organisation, while the BBC Trust is the long-discredited internal BBC regulator, which is notorious, among other things for its mishandling of the late BBC child rapist and necrophile Sir Jimmy Savile scandal.

    The late Sir Jimmy died without indictment in 2011 after 52 years as a BBC DJ and children’s show presenter after more than 400 child rapes and assaults, some in his caravan parked in the BBC parking lot.

    As Sky TV press review pundit George Pascoe-Watson said on Sky TV tonight, “There won;t be many people sorry about the end of the BBC Trust except (overpaid trustees) at the Trust itself.”

    This government intervention in the atrocious governance of the corrupt BBC has been talked about since 2012/13. However, action is clearly now having to be taken ahead of the 2016 Parliamentary review of the BBC’s 10-year Royal Charter. Clearly this is seen as a step towards trying to prevent the BBC’s collapse altogether in the wake of a long string of child sex, financial, corruption and on-air mendacity scandals after the 2004 resignation of director-general Greg Dyke, following the suicide of Iraq War whistle-blower Dr. David Kelly.

    Coupled with the immense national hatred of the £145.50 annual BBC licence fee (TV tax) on pain of imprisonment, where non-payment is accounting for 10% of criminal court cases each year since 2013, the question remains whether the BBC will be allowed to survive in anything like its current form.

    Journalists keep telling the populace that the BBC is a vital national institution. But Duvidl is of the view that it will be made a subscription-based rather than tax-based service and will soon fail ignominiously as a commercial organisation and have to be asset-stripped and sold off.

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