BBC Monitoring coverage of Ramadan soaps – the sequel

As was noted here last week, BBC Monitoring recently produced a written report for the BBC News website about the popular soap operas and dramas shown on television in the Middle East during Ramadan. That article refrained from informing audiences of the antisemitic and anti-Israeli content traditionally seen in many of those programmes.

On June 26th the BBC World Service radio programme ‘The Fifth Floor’ also devoted part of its content to the same topic.fifth floor

“It is the holy month of Ramadan – a month of prayer and fasting and for some also accompanied by a lot of television. TV soaps and dramas are commissioned for the season and often bring in the highest ratings. BBC journalist Doaa Soliman is something of a connoisseur of Ramadan TV. Not only has she watched a lot for pleasure, but in her current role with BBC Monitoring, she is also tasked with keeping a professional eye on the current selection. This is Doaa’s guide to what to watch this Ramadan.”

A clip of that segment of the programme can be found here and once again it is notable that the long tradition of antisemitic content in Ramadan entertainment is concealed from BBC audiences. 

4 comments on “BBC Monitoring coverage of Ramadan soaps – the sequel

  1. A verse from Duvidl:

    That beeboid Doaa Soliman
    Is clearly off her trolley-man;
    Ignoring Jew-hate tropes
    In all those Arab soaps.

    • Meanwhile, Pamela Geller, on her “Atlas Shrugs” blog writes this piece entitled “My Jihad at the BBC.”

      “Some news from England: as the British death toll in Tunisia is set to rise to over thirty victims, the BBC is celebrating the season with My Jihad and a British Muslim comedy series, about the fun of being a new convert, nay, revert. (thanks to Nicole) -…”

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